Monday, 13 August 2012

Knight or Prince?

©Kurt Pilz
Today's card from the Ananda Tarot (AGM Müller/Urania, 2003) and the Wheel of Change Tarot (Inner Traditions, 1997) is a Court card, but exactly which one?  The Ananda Tarot has Kings, Knights, Queens and Princesses, while the Wheel of Change offers us Princes, Princesses, Knights and Queens.  So, having drawn the Knight of Flames from the Ananda, I matched him with the Prince of Wands from the Wheel of Change, as they are both the younger male aspects of their respective decks.

The Ananda Court cards take famous people as their models, and so here we have Jim Morrison of The Doors.  I have to agree that he seems quite a good match for this card's energy - dynamic, charismatic, a spiritual seeker, highly sexual, passionate, driven, yet also immature.

The companion book says: "The stubborn, somewhat explosive character that is represented by the Knight of Flames embodies a hot-blooded creature with the ability to get things started, to open paths, and to reach his goal with certain aim.  Not in long-term, but in short-term use of collected energy,"

©Alexandra Genetti
The Wheel of Change Prince is a very different character.  Dressed in native American garb and holding a talking stick, he stands in front of a painted totem pole at the top of a hill.  A raven flies above smoke that billows from a fire by the pole, while in the valley below we see trees and rocks and a path that leads over mountains to the sea.  To the left of the card is a night sky, while wind-driven clouds streak across a blue sky to the right. 

Altogether, there is something strange going on with the perspective on this card.  The Prince stands on a hill of yellowed grass, yet from his perspective he seems to look down on snow-capped mountains.  The totem pole seems to rise up from the fire in front of him, with trees behind it, yet lower down we can still see the unbroken vista to the mountains and sea.  Perhaps this is to indicate something about the magical nature of his communing with the elements, and with raven.

While the Ananda Tarot Knight speaks to me of creativity, passion and drive, the Wheel of Change Prince seems more about communing with spirit, about  a strong sense of belief and valuing the old ways.

Today my Dear One and I are meeting up with an old friend and his family for lunch.  This friend definitely associates himself with the Knight of Wands.  Well, he wouldn't put it in those terms, but he used to love being likened to Jim Morrison ;) For myself, though, I prefer the energy of the Prince of Wands: I will make some time to meditate today, come what may.

I am grateful for a sense of being connected to something beyond myself, beyond the everyday.


  1. Ah, the beautiful Jim Morrison ...

    I have the Ananda (and the WoC). Even though I loved Jim, I am not always so happy when famous people are used in the tarot. I find it hard to look further than a personality as big as someone like this. However, with my feelings about the card and the personality, this one is a pretty good match!

    Hope you have a good time today with your Jim Morrison look-alike (I am hoping he looks like him at the beginning of The Door's career and not the end ;) )

    1. Hi PLN,

      Sadly, these days I'm afraid our friend looks more like Jim Morrison at the end of his career *doh* The ravages of time... And I agree, famous faces can be a bit hit and miss. Depends on if I recognise them or not, and how well chosen they seem :)