Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Mandalas or Rainbows?

©Kurt Pilz
The Ananda Tarot (AGM Müller/Urania, 2003) and the Wheel of Change Tarot (Inner Traditions, 1997) seem to be taking the mickey, as we say here.  Today the met office predicts rain, thunderstorms, and perhaps a peek of sunshine between 7pm and 8.20pm when the sun sets :(

I absolutely adore the Ananda's sky mandalas!  We had a dark mandala yesterday, and today we have a light one, centred on a pale and distant sun.  Beneath the blue sky, mandala sun, and green-tinged clouds we have a small segment of green landscape; rolling hills, pine forests, and some a higher hill or low mountain in the misty background.

The light of the sun shines down on the landscape and the sky is huge and wide, giving the card a feeling of spaciousness.  Our awareness is ripe to expand, seeing beyond the everyday sun to the illumination it offers us.  There is definitely a feeling of possibility in this card, and perhaps a sense of newness in the untouched landscape and sky.

©Alexandra Genetti
The Wheel of Change is once again startlingly different.  Here we have a variation on the traditional two children: this time both boys, one dark-skinned and one pale.  The boys stand hand-in-hand amid a garden of sunflowers.  Around them is a ring of stones, decorated in rainbow colours - 12 to be precise, including black at the top and white at the bottom.  The same ring of colours surrounds the sun which shines above them, with little red licks of sunbeams coming off it.  Above is a starry night sky, and an archway frames the whole scene. 

This card also has a sense of newness and possibility to it, but also an acknowledgement of the power of diversity to bring new thoughts and potentials.  It is not by being the same, thinking the same, that we come up with new ideas, but rather by being challenged, by seeing things we don't know or understand.

The sun with its strange red curls makes me think of Jung and his idea of the collective unconscious.  This came to him, in part, because he saw similarities between his patients' dreams and visions (in one case of a sun with a tube that created the wind), and myths and symbolism from around the world.  For Jung, the Sun represents our self, the bright light that guides us, and through which we see and understand the world.  In the Wheel of Change image, that light shines on our differences and our similarities, which walk hand-in-hand and bring us to experience the world as new and exciting.

Despite the bad weather, today feels rather holiday-like.  My Dear One and I are going for a massage this afternoon - a gift from my MIL :)  And later, we're going to a local gastro pub for dinner.  In between, I hope to have time to exercise and read a little.  To top it off, Big Boy is getting assessed for a new pushchair, by a company that specialises in equipment for people with special needs.  He already has a chair from them, which is excellent, so I'm hoping this will work well.  He's too big for regular prams, but doesn't need an actual wheelchair, so this should be a good compromise, and will make taking him out and about easier.

I am grateful for mellow days.


  1. I hope you have a wounderful day!

    1. Hi jexstar, I like your new blog :) And yes, the Four of Wands seems an excellent card for laying the foundation for something new ;) Hope you had a wonderful day, too!

  2. Very nice...hope it's been a good one so far. Oooo massages! What kind of massage? Didn't know if you had a preference for type.


    1. Hi MM,

      It was a package we were gifted, which included a back exfoliation, quick body massage and facial. So, a product-oriented, beautician-type massage. Not my favourite - we had a great Thai masseuse near here, but she's moving city next week :( Still, one nice thing was that my Dear One and I were in the same room, with two masseuses, so we could hear one another breath, and talk about it after :)

      Hope you're keeping well!
      Big hugs,