Friday, 17 August 2012

Moon or Sun?

©Kurt Pilz
For this last double-draw with the Ananda Tarot (AGM Müller/Urania, 2003) and the Wheel of Change Tarot (Inner Traditions, 1997) we have another Minor: the Four of Spheres/Disks (Pentacles).

Both decks once again offer a very non-traditional approach to this card.  In the Ananda we see the moon, a bright star, a small translucent sphere, and a larger translucent sphere, all forming a line down the centre of the card.  Between the two spheres, a bird flies, and the larger, lower sphere floats just above a stone staircase, leading we-know-not-where.  The rather scraggly bushes around the stone structure are reflected in the sphere, as are the more distant rocky mountain peaks.  The landscape seems still illuminated by the last rays of the sun, while the night sky shines with stars above.

Perhaps the spheres are being created within the stone structure, and then floating up into the sky.  Whatever the case, the feeling I get is one of "as above, so below": there is a connection between the translucent sphere which reflects the world, and the moon which reflects the light of the sun.  Our creations, when we let them go, spread out into the world with effects we cannot predict.

©Alexandra Genetti
The Wheel of Change image is equally non-traditional, though in a very different way.  It reminds me, if anything, of the Four of Wands!  Four apple halves are centred within a square of apple-blossom covered branches.  Their cut sides show the pentacle shape within formed by their seeds.  Around the cut branches is tied a red ribbon, and a bee (another Goddess symbol) drinks from one of the blooms.  Beneath this is a green field, with four trees, each one showing the signs of a different season - summer in the foreground, spring to the right, autumn to the left, and the bare branches of winter at the back.  The sun shines through the centre of the apple display.

This card feels like one of abundance.  Perhaps, in that sense, it is related to traditional ideas around the Four of Pentacles.  It shows that the plenty in our lives is affected by the seasons, by nature, by the divine.  It makes me think of a quote from the bible: "3:1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: 3:2 A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck" (Ecclesiastes).  We can best husband our resources if we correctly see the right time for each.

The message I see in these cards, then, is about "letting go and letting god(dess)".  About knowing what we can and can't control, and of allowing what is.  

It seems a fitting message for my last double-draw.  The time for these is done, and I shall let go of my need to "finish what I started".  Hopefully, this will bring me a sense of greater energy and abundance, rather than of loss.  We'll see... :)

I am grateful for the reminder to accept my limitations.

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