Monday, 20 August 2012


©Stella Kauruko
Ack, what a way to start a Monday morning!  The card that greets us today from Stella's Tarot (AG Muller, 2008) is the Nine of Swords.

An eerie eye peers in through an arch on a person in their bed.  To make matters worse, various animals and objects float above the bed - an owl, a whale, a broken column, a shield, and something else I can't make out.  In any case, the implication is clear: fearful thoughts plague our mind, banishing sleep.  And perhaps, with those nightmares to torment us, we'd rather not sleep.  Yet, even awake, the thoughts don't stop whirling around in our minds...

I did have quite strange dreams last night, though certainly not nightmares.  More to the point, I have rather a lot of thoughts and plans and questions spinning about.  The ones I can actually do something about aren't so bad, it's the ones I have little or no influence over that really bug me! 

At least these days it doesn't tend to be thoughts about not being able to sleep that stop me sleeping ;b  I've started taking a supplement, 5-HTP, which is derived from plants and has no side effects, but is effective!  It doesn't stop me waking up whenever Big Boy needs me, nor does it make me drousy once I'm awake, but it does help me sleep, which other herbal supplements never seemed to achieve.

I am grateful for help napping, given a good night's sleep is still an impossible dream.

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