Thursday, 2 August 2012

Raining In My Heart

©Virginijus Poshkus
On this Thursday in August, the weathermen here in the UK are predicting a bit of rain, though hopefully not too much.  Our card for today suggests something rather gloomier, though.  With versions from both the Radiant Rider Waite (U.S. Games, 2003) and the Tarot of the New Vision (Lo Scarabeo, 2003), today we have the Three of Swords.

In the Radiant image, we see a bright red heart floating in a cloudy sky, pierced by three swords.  There are lines around it which could be sun shining through the clouds, but seems more likely to be rain seen from a distance.

When we are feeling gloomy, our own thoughts pierce us.  We stab ourselves with memories and self-criticisms.  While the rain may indicate our mood, as in Buddy Holly's song "Raining In My Heart", it can also be cleansing, washing away negativity. 

©Cestaro & Alligo
Other than darker colours and more obvious rain, the main difference in the New Vision card is the people walking away from a hilltop.  It seems lke they had gathered for some event, perhaps called off by rain (that's something we understand well, here in the UK!)

Dispersing in all four directions, they could indicate disappointment.  Alternatively, this could be the divisiveness of negative thoughts that embitter us to others.

As for me, my main plan for today shouldn't be affected by rain, literal or metaphorical!  We are going indoor skydiving again *too excited to sleep face*

What I often see in the Three of Swords is the need to sit with painful emotions, or to recognise which of our own thoughts are causing us suffering.  There is a decision I need to make today, which has been causing me some heartache.  I'm thinking of going back to a single card of the day, instead of this comparative kind of post.  I really enjoy the comparisons, but it does take a lot more time, and I've been struggling to keep up, posting later and later in the morning.  I know it's only me saying I should do these posts, I'm just torn between liking them but feeling stressed by them.  So, single card posts, comparative posts, or something in between - a post with two cards but less detailed comparison - those are my three choices/ideas.

I am gratefulfor the cleansing power of sleep.  Decisions are easier after it.


  1. The comparison posts are very interesting! Thanks for sharing. I've been SO LAZY about my posts lately. I rarely do things like this, so I tip my invisible hat to you, m'lady!

    I actually am digging the Tarot of the New Path. I've only vaguely heard of this deck and now I'm intrigued. It is an interesting perspective. I'm sure it would confuse and titillate me, which is a good thing sometimes, I guess.


  2. Hi MM,

    Glad you're enjoying the comparison posts :) I think I will continue with them for the moment.

    I really like the change in perspective of the New Vision deck. And if you don't want to take its changes on board, the images are reminiscent enough of the RWS to use those associations anyway ;)