Saturday, 25 August 2012

Sacred Choices

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This week I have chosen to work with the Sacred Sites Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2012).  This is a rather non-traditional "art" deck from Lo Scarabeo, associating each card with a "magical place" from around the world.

For this first day, I pulled the Lovers card :)  A man and woman stand in a lily pond, hands enlaced.  Around them swim coi karp and a couple of ducks, while on a nearby piece of land an antlered stag looks on.  Above the couple rises a statue, which at first glance I would guess is Artemis/Diana, and in the distance is a hill or mound.

The sense I get here is of making a choice, but it being seen as a sacred act.  Our choices do not only affect ourself, and there is a recognition of that fact in choosing in a way that expresses our commitment to something beyond ourself.

The LWB is typical Lo Scarabeo: "The Sacred Forest of Nemi: The wise King Numa and the Nymph Egeria consummated their love here in this site sacred to Diana.  The king learnt the secrets of the sacred thaumaturgy from Egeria."  That's all!

So, I did a bit of research: here is a picture of the actual site, as well as a pagan perspective on it.  There are quite a few links made between the Sacred Forest of Nemi and the Great Rite - Western spiritual sexuality/alchemy (see here and here).

I was also unclear as to what thaumaturgy is.  The answer I found most helpful is from Wikipedia, which explains that thaumaturgy was originally seen as the working of miracles, as per the saints.  It later came to mean magical-seeming mechanical devices, but I'm guessing that a nymph would be more likely to teach magic than engineering ;)

All told, I'm not sure any of that really changes or adds to my original impression of the card...

My Dear One is working today, so I don't really see him in relation to this card.  Rather, I see it perhaps being about me re-committing to my meditation practice, which has been a little hit and miss the last couple of weeks.

I am grateful for a feeling of being spiritually connected.

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