Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Bermuda Triangle

©Filadoro & Penco
Just two days after the last time, a rather different Seven of Swords visits us from the Sacred Sites Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2012).

At first I was rather suprised to see all that water in a card that forms part of the "Places of Air" suit, as the LWB terms it.  It made more sense when I saw the "location", as the Bermuda Triangle covers land, sea and air! 

Renowned as a dangerous area where people and craft of all kinds go missing, I see it connected to the notion of treachery that is sometimes associated with the Seven of Swords.  However, it also fits with the idea of research - as people try to delineate the triangle, or debunk the myth ;)

The image itself makes me think of things that are hidden, and those that are not what they seem.  There is an edge of romance mixed in with the danger, too...

There's something in my life that isn't yet apparent, but which is affecting me, nonetheless.  Every day it becomes a little clearer...  As for today, we may go and people watch on the High Street - Big Boy's favourite pasttime, and one that seems to "disappear" whole chunks of time ;)

I am grateful for every bit of clarity I can get.

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