Monday, 6 August 2012

Watermelon Tourmaline

©Permutt & Garner
On this Monday morning, things are looking cheerful, at least from the perspective of the Crystal Tarot (Cico Books, 2010) and the Herbal Tarot (U.S. Games, 1978).  Today's card is the celebratory Three of Cups.

In the Crystal Tarot, this card is associated with the watermelon tourmaline, a crystal which is as beautiful as its name sounds.  The companion book states that: 'watermelon tourmaline is a "feel better" stone, welcoming fun and humor as well as love into your life.'  One suggestion which seems appropriate to a Monday is to "apply your social networking skills to achieve your aims," ;) 

The image seems to support this interpretation, as water flows from one cup into the next, and happy little waves dance across the background.  Plus there's the delicious-looking crystals - good enough to eat, and sure to bring a sense of lightness to any day.

©Tierra & Cantin
The Herbal Tarot associates this card with Trillium, which has a multitude of medicinal uses, including "most feminine disorders" and "childbirth".  I guess it's associated with this card because of the link to female support networks.  It might suggest a midwife, for example: not an interpretation I would normally come up with!  The LWB also mentions celebration and enjoyment, and even the reversed meaning it gives is "satisfaction with life" :)

As for the image, three women in different coloured dresses dance around an enormous trillium stalk, with a pretty, three-petalled flower and leaves.  It feels like the herb protects them as they celebrate being together and enjoying life.

Today, what I mainly see in this card is the support I have been receiving from good friends on-line.  Yesterday was a pretty crappy day all told, with nightmares, my son having an unfortunate accident (not serious, but it caused him pain, which is always hard to see) and an argument with my Dear One.  So, I certainly hope I "feel better" today.  May have to shop for some of that delightful watermelon tourmaline ;D

I am grateful for the support of good friends.


  1. Glad you've got such lovely cards. I pulled 9 of Swords today! Doh! I am really looking forward to getting the Crystal Tarot, and I'm already thinking about how it's most likely to going to expand my crystal collection...and how I'm going to store them. How do you store yours?

    1. Hi Carla,
      Well, today turned out pretty 9 of Swords sucky for me, too! I guess I can see the Three of Cups in that we're putting out feelers with our network, after our temporary nanny dropped Big Boy on his face and then quit!
      On a more pleasant note, I store most of my stones in a couple of lightly lined stone boxes, those that aren't on my altars, anyway :) And yes, I went and ordered a small sliver of watermelon tourmaline today - soooo pretty! ;)

  2. Water tourmaline is SO beautiful. I have a ring made from it that I got after a fight with MY hubby. He got it for me around my birthday last year, but I picked it out. It was a make-your-own where you got to choose the shape and look of the stone. I don't wear it often enough. But anyway, it's a gorgeous stone and i like this card. Very pretty. It's one of my favorites from the deck even though it's really little more than a pip, but the addition of the gemstones makes it a lot better.

    Here's hoping for a much better day for you with lots of joy. Yesterday sucked for me too. I was in a bad mood and so was my daughter. Glad BB is ok.


    1. Typo! I meant watermelon tourmaline. :D Fluorite is also very pretty. Those are two of my favorite stones.

    2. Hi MM,

      Ooh, the ring sounds lovely! Maybe you could put a pic up on your blog... :) And not for the first time, you're the one that enabled me with this very pretty deck ;D

      Hope your day today was better. Mine sucked big-time! Anyhow, gotta get off to bed, as I won't have a chance to nap tomorrow with no childcare :(


  3. Sorry to hear about Big Boy and his nanny, Chloe! We went to the hardware store and I bought two plastic boxes that have dividers in them. At the moment, my crystal collection is not very big, but I have a feeling the Crystal Tarot deck is going to cause it to increase--so I'm ready! I'm planning to put a little sticker on the side of each compartment saying what stone is inside. OR I might drop a piece of card in each, so I shuffle them as I add, to keep them in alphabetical order. :D