Saturday, 18 August 2012

What Needs Destroying?

©Stella Kaoruko
This week I have decided to draw from the rather dreamy and fanciful Stella's Tarot (AG Muller, 2008).  The first card up is once again the Tower!  Looking at my stats, it is the card that has come up most often on this blog, bar none!  The next two closest are the High Priestess, and the Three of Swords, both of which I have used by choice in a number of posts.  The Tower just comes of its own accord :/

So, what can we learn from the Tower?  This version suggests that we can gain insight into what needs destroying in our lives, what we need to let go in order to release the pressure building up inside us, to move on in a more productive, less rigid way.  It is by looking inward and being willing to acknowledge what is wrong, and what needs changing, that we can begin to free ourselves.

This card makes me think of something my therapist said on Thursday.  He suggested I was paralysed by fear and guilt, unable to move forwards.  He asked what it would be like if I allowed myself to think of being happy.  It's true I've come to fear change, all the while not liking where I am currently...

I am grateful for the reminder that change can bring growth and happiness.


  1. To be happy is not the simplest thing to be! I totally understand the thing to be paralysed by fear and guilt. I´m struggling with the same issue. Are we chicken-hearted ore just realistic? By realistic I mean, have we been happy and then been thrown back in the dark to many time so we lost the fait for the happiness?

    Big Hugs to you and may the force be with you¨

    1. Hi Jess,

      Hmm, maybe both chicken-hearted and realistic? There are lots of hard things in life, yet we carry on anyway, and so we should. Makes me think of a Sheryl Crow song with the lyrics "No-one said it would be easy, no-one said it'd be this hard"...

      Big hugs to you, too,

  2. I like this card. And I like your words. I didn't pull any cards, however, earlier today, I sat down with my journal and started writing pages and pages without thinking. Reading it over, it all comes down to getting past the fear, the guilt and the safety. If I am not so pleased with my life, it is up to ME to change it. Stop standing on the line ... jump on over.

    I am also grateful for the reminder. I look forward to seeing more cards from this deck.

    1. You're quite right, Carol, if we're not happy we're the only ones who can do anything about it! :)

  3. Hi DAHLING!!

    As a fellow person paralyzed by fear and guilt, I feel your pain! xooxx

    I do hope you are happier and happier day by day. I hope to do the same!

    This deck has a definite charm. I may have to consider it for later.


    1. Hi MM,

      I think I was first tempted by it after you did a virtual draw with it :) Then, someone in TABI was selling off a copy, so that was that!

      Hope you feel happier day by day, too. It's not easy, but I believe it's worth the effort.

      Huge hugs,