Saturday, 25 August 2012

What Needs Healing?

I've become aware of my need for inner healing recently.  Maybe aware isn't right, the need has long been there.  Rather, I have decided to make it a focus.  So, I did a little draw to ask:

What needs healing in my life right now?  And what will help me heal it?

I pulled two cards from the Wicca Moon Tarot, a self-published deck by Shirlee at Wicca Moon, which is sadly not currently available anywhere on-line.  I managed to get a copy through the generous actions of Patsy (find her here and here), a kind soul and fellow tarot addict :)

What needs healing in my life right now? - Knight of Swords

This is an unusual take on the Knight of Swords.  He seems rather urbane, suave, smooth and calm.  And young!  Instead of charging into the fray, he stands smiling beside his horse (or is it a pony), with a gentle breeze playing around him.  What I see here is my ability to communicate.  Of late, I haven't done a great job at keeping in touch with friends.  Either I feel unable to tell them honestly how I feel, or sometimes I just fail to say anything at all.   I need to improve what I communicate, how I communicate, and how often I stay in touch!  Like this chap, I need to learn how to spread my message with a smile on my face :)

What will help me heal it? - Four of Wands

I really like the semi-illustrated pips of this deck.  This card makes me think of the need to enjoy the journey, as well as the destination.  It's no good just looking at that Tower in the distance, we need to enjoy the butterflies around us, and realistically plan how to cross the water, or decide if we even want to.  It also reminds me to celebrate the small successes along the way.  With regard to communicating with friends, the strongest message I see is that a cause for celebration may give a good excuse for making the first move to get back in touch...


  1. What a lovely deck - Somebody, please publish and make it widely available!

    Great two-card reading. Sometimes it doesn't take very many cards to find a solution. The Knight of Swords is my birthday court. :)

    Blessings, Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I know what you mean. When Patsy put images up on Facebook and then said it wasn't available on-line I was horrified ;) I think that you can get it by emailing Shirlee, and she will post it out. Just, she doesn't have anything obvious set up on her webpage or anything...

      I can really see you in the Knight of Swords - you aren't afraid to speak you mind when you feel something needs saying :) Warrior woman!

      Blessings, Chloë

  2. this looks like a lovely deck, thank you for sharing some images. and you are correct, we need to seek healing rather than just wait for something to happen.

    1. Hi Sharyn, I will be posting some more with this deck, hopefully later in the week :) And yes, although time may help, healing happens faster if we are actively seeking it...