Monday, 24 September 2012

Ali's Autumn Spread

The brilliant Alison Cross of This Game of Thrones fame designed an excellent spread to look at where we are at this Equinox time of balancing, with a little Court card mojo for good measure.  I decided I just had to give it a go.  So, the spread is:

Card 1 - what is in deficit in my life?
Card 2 - what is in excess?
Card 3 - which Court card can balance this out?

I decided to use the charming Stella's Tarot (AGM Müller, 2008) for this, and here's the result:

Yeah, I know, I put the cards the wrong way round in the scanner *doh*

Card 1 - Deficit - Nine of Swords

Well, I'm certainly lacking in the sleep department!  Not only has Big Boy been ill, leading to restless nights, but I've also been a bit insomniac, worrying about the future and thinking about my dissertation.  Perhaps, then, also a deficit in seeing clearly how realistic my worries and fears are or are not?

Card 2 - Excess - Nine of Wands

Hmm, this one's a bit trickier.  An excess of defensiveness?  Or, going more by the image, have I been digging myself into a hole, not letting the world in, yet also maintaining unrealistic hopes and dreams?  That sounds closer to the truth...

Card 3 - Balancer - Knight (King) of Cups

So, what I need to do is get in touch with my emotions in a controlled way, not allowing them to swamp me, but also not pushing them away.  This reminds me of my post last week.  I need to get in touch with the more positive side of the King of Cups, his joy and wonder in life.  I need to re-find that faith in the Universe.

In some ways, the fact of having two Nines gives me some hope - this cycle is almost at an end.  I certainly hope so!


  1. Yes, the nines do point to the end of a cycle! I think a meditation on the King of Cups is in order. And of course you should post your thoughts, please!

    1. Ack, you're right of course, I shall meditate on the King of Cups, even though he is generally my least favourite King, and possibly Court card! *wanders off muttering about damn Kings* ;)

    2. Well, I would be equally enlightened (and possibly more entertained) by a ranting post about why you dislike him so much. I should do one about the Queen of Wands.

    3. Hmm, that sounds like it could be fun ;D How interesting, I love the Queen of Wands - so, I'll rant if you'll rant...

  2. This computer is acting up!

    Firstly, sorry to hear that the wee fella has not been well and hope that he's soon on the mend. Secondly, I love that the spread works for you! You mentioned the King of Cups over at mine in an earlier post - I concur with Carla - a meditation on the King of Cups is in order.

    Maybe even pick a few King of Cups to glean as much as possible from various artists' insights?

    ...and finally, let the world in. We luvs you. :-D

    Ali xxxxxx

    1. Hi Ali,

      Well, he's still snotty, but at least no temperature. Snotty is pretty much par for the course with a four year old...

      Haven't had time to meditate on the King of Cups yet *blushes guiltily*

      ...and thanks, luff you guys, too :)