Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Balanced Foundations

©Dugan & Evans
A rather unusual perspective greets us in today's card from the Witches Tarot (Llewellyn, 2012).

In this version of the Four of Wands, four women dance under poles that must be 15 feet high!   The women wear dresses of red, green, yellow and blue - the colours of the four elements - with matching bouquets in their hands.  Flowers deck the tops of the blossoming hawthorn poles.  From sunflowers to marigolds to red carnations, they all represent the element of fire.  By the side of the bower sits a ginger cat, while in the background we can make out a castle, representing security and goals achieved.  

While the companion book speaks of celebration, what I also often see in this card is establishing a solid foundation for a new project or relationship.  For example, setting up a new business, beginning a new job, career or course of study, moving in together or getting married, all these would count.  And I guess they would also be reasons for celebration :)

As for me, today I hope to complete my dissertation protocol.  That's just the first step in getting my dissertation done, but it's one I've been humming and hawing about for over a year, so it's definitely cause for celebration!

I am grateful for the energy to lay balanced foundations.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Bonkers! Didn't get it finished, but I'm still pleased with how much I got done :)

  2. Best of luck...full moon coming up. Maybe time to bang the drums about it. x

  3. Best of luck to you. You have my admiration and sympathy!!

    Unfortunately I may just be a distraction for you. Hehee.

    Hope you had a lovely day.


    1. Hi MM,
      Well, I do spend rather a lot of time reading tarot blogs, but it's almost justifiable as my dissertation is going to be on tarot (if they let me get away with it) ;D