Sunday, 9 September 2012

Boy of Lava Stones

©Katalin E. Csikos
Hazelmoon's Hawaiian Tarot (self-published, 2010) makes changes with the Court cards, renaming the Page the Boy, and with the Knight becoming the Warrior.  Here, then, we have the Hawaiian version of the Page of Pentacles ;)

This is a strangely ungrounded image - a young boy on a rock in the middle of the ocean.  And yet, he is sat on a rock, rather than a boat.  A pelican (I think) looks on from a tree branch, and the moon shines in the sky above.  That looks like a fire on the second rock, just in front of him, keeping him warm in the night breeze. 

What I see here, then, is someone young exploring the world (and the elements) around them.  Of course, you don't actually have to be chronologically young for this, but to have a spirit of exploration and adventure, a willingness to try new things.  The Boy of Lava Stones is particularly interested in trying to understand the world around him, as well as his body and his physicality.

Today is meant to be another beautiful, sunny day here, so it feels like a good chance to get out in the park and enjoy the world :)  I've also been trying out some pregnancy exercise DVD's which I bought for my last pregnancy and then never used *doh*  Maybe I'll do another of those, or just be aware of how I'll need to modify one of my regular practices as my body changes...

I am grateful for being able to move and explore my body and the world.


  1. A day in the park sounds lovely!

    1. Well, I didn't make it to the park, but did have a little walk and lunch outdoors :)

  2. I totally hear you. I also had pregnancy exercise DVDs that I didn't use during my pregnancy! I managed to do some water aerobics for a couple of months but then I gave up on that. I think walking or prenatal yoga would be good. I should've done more walking. It was a particularly hot summer when I was pregnant--i should've taken Vitamin D because I found out later I was deficient. Oy.

    Hugs to ya,

    1. Well, at least it meant they were here and ready to go this time round :D I've already tried 3, one of which I didn't like, the other 2 are okay.

      As for being Vitamin D deficient - there's only so much we can do and take and know... You did the best you could!

      Hugs back atcha,