Friday, 7 September 2012


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A rather unusual "High Priest" blesses us from the Wicca Moon Tarot today.

When I first saw this card, I thought it might be the Magician, given all the suit symbols around him!  A pentacle decorates his black robe, a god-symbol is etched into the working candle  on his left, more symbols decorate the long staff he holds in his right hand, and a sword and chalice rest at his feet among white roses and lilies.  I notice, too, the black cat that peeks around from behind his legs, and the bubbles or orbs which float to either side of him.  With his pointy ears and hand raised in a gesture of blessing, he seems rather fae, or perhaps Vulcan ;D

A repository of timeless wisdom and a spiritual guide, I find this High Priest far less austere and daunting than many Hierophants.  Ivy grows around him and the candle, linking him to the Wiccan Summer King, to strength and fertility.  I imagine him performing a hand-fasting out in the woods, a revered part of his community.  Or calling in the God for a group ritual, the High Priestess standing opposite him.

Like traditional Hierophant figures, he is surrounded by the trappings of his faith.  Yet, the fact of being outdoors makes this card feel less rigid and dogmatic to me.  I acknowledge that is my prejudice speaking, as dogma and fixed ideas are certainly not limited to people in man-made structures!

I love the way that different versions of cards can help unpick these prejudices I am sometimes not very aware of within myself.  I wonder what other fixed ideas I might have challenged today...  I hope, too, that I will have time to meditate, to honour the sacred in my life.  And to spend some time with my Dear One and Big Boy, the two men I have committed to :)

I am grateful for sacred space in my life.

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