Saturday, 1 September 2012

Flying High

©Shirlee at Wicca Moon
This week, I'll be drawing from the beautiful, self-published Wicca Moon Tarot, by Shirlee.  If you're interested in the deck, you can email her (it's at the bottom of the page linked above).  I was lucky enough to get this deck with the help of Patsy, a kind fellow fan.  You can find her reiki page here.

So, for this first pull, we meet the Page of Swords.  I rather like her jaunty air, as she seems to fly high in the sky, perhaps riding her sword.  She is inspired, elevated by an exciting new idea, enjoying playing with different notions.  However, this image does also suggest one of the downsides to the Page of Swords - she's really not very grounded!  She doesn't see the practicality or otherwise of the ideas that she is so enthused about, doesn't understand the implications and consequences.  Still, what would life be if we didn't still have something to learn, right?

As for me, I have no sense of where a new idea might take me today.  I feel too tired right now to even have an idea, but hopefully one will come to me over the course of the day ;)  I know there's still a lot I want to learn in this life, but what will inspire me today is something I'll have to accept as a surprise...

I am grateful that life is still full of surprises.


  1. Hope you feel less tired and that new ideas has arrived.-) I really love how you explain how you see at the cards. It´s a bit of synchronicity in your text for me today cause yesterday I did a test and the results just talk about my struggling to see consequens in my ideas .-)
    Big Hugs

    1. Hi Jess,

      Hope you're managing to find the heart of what you need from those ideas :)

      Big Hugs back atcha ;)

  2. Based on this one card, I think I am going to like this deck. Might have to get it but will wait to see more before deciding. Love what you have to say about the Page of Swords and this card captures it very well.

    Life is indeed full of surprises, thankfully. Hopefully your day will bring an inspiration or perhaps some sort of message maybe in a way you might not at first realize.

    In any event, have a nice day and a nice long weekend. :))

    1. Hi Carol,

      Hope you're having a good weekend, too :) Mine is working out okay, though I'm still pretty tired. Still, part of that is from going for a swim, so the good kind :) Not yet sure if there was a message for me in the day, maybe it'll crystalise overnight... ;)