Sunday, 23 September 2012

Hawk's Flight

©Dugan & Evans
For this second draw with the Witches Tarot (Llewellyn, 2012), we meet the Ace of Swords.

A bird of prey, a red tail hawk, flies high in the sky above a deep mountain valley.  A sword rises, tip straight up, the light glinting off its steel blade and golden pommel.  The clouds in the distance seem backlit by the sun, and a morning mist rises from the valley, putting this at dawn.

New ideas, new possibilities and vantage points, new vistas, offer themselves up to us today.  There is a freshness to this image which delights me.  A sense of hope, perhaps...  In the book, Dugan talks about the truth hurting, but also having the power to heal.

Perhaps this is about my Dear One and I starting to talk about what we see in the future now, after last week's loss.

I am grateful for the chance to talk things through, even if it's hard.

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  1. This card definitely has a lot of power behind it. I do think the truth, though often painful, can be freeing. It really hurts to hold onto something that is gone, even though that's sometimes necessary for a while.

    Wishing you a productive and helpful chat,