Sunday, 2 September 2012


©Shirlee at Wicca Moon
Today's card from the  Wicca Moon Tarot is the Three of Cups.

Flowers, butterflies and sparkles, like splashes of water catching the light, explode out of three silver cups.  The sun shines brightly in the blue sky above, and the three cups seem to float magically above a calm lake. 

It's funny, looking in detail I'm not sure if there really are any flowers, it's more an impressionistic feeling of flowers.  Either way, this image is full of warmth and joy, an overflowing of good times and good energy.

I like the fact of the butterflies, which suggest light-heartedness, even in the face of change.  Altogether, I get the feeling of a warm summers day, a gentle breeze in which blossoms sway, while people relax on the grass, chatting or just enjoying the day.

After a rather stressful, unpleasant day on Friday, yesterday was a lot more mellow.  My Dear One and I did a bit of shopping, ate too much (all of it delicious) and went to a spa.  Though I couldn't go in the sauna or steam room or have a massage, due to my "condition" :(  Still, it was pretty relaxing, which I was in need of.  Today is a bit more of the same, and then hurrying home to see Big Boy again.  I mainly see this card as a big family hug, and spending some time together.  Although we need the time to ourselves, to be coupley and relax, I realy missed BB this time...

I am grateful for the joy of my son's giggles.


  1. Ooo! We got the same card...but interestingly ours had somewhat different meanings, though I guess the 'feel' of the card remains the same.

    It makes me happy to hear you had a relaxing Saturday. I was concerned about you after all the health-related stressors cropped up. Sorry you didn't get to receive massage or go into steam rooms, etc.


    1. Hi MM,

      As you say, at least I had a bit of a relax... And glad to hear you've got some nice plans :)

      Have to say, though, today I feel seriously nauseous! Haven't actually thrown up yet, but just constantly queasy. Still, after the health worries it's kind of reassuring in a bizarre way - suggests the baby is getting stronger ;D