Thursday, 6 September 2012

Rainbow Angel

©Shirlee at Wicca Moon
What a happy card for this Thursday morning!  Temperance, in the Wicca Moon Tarot, has some rather unusual features.

For one thing, instead of pouring a liquid from one vessel into another, this angel paints a rainbow across the sky :)  In front of her is not only a pond, with beautiful blue irises, but also bumble bees.  And in the background, there is an Eastern-looking city, full of onion-domed buildings, giving this an exotic, magical feel. 

This angel is also very feminine, with her flowing blonde hair, and a crescent moon at her brow.  Her dress is white, with subtle embroidery, ribbons, and a neckline highlighted in a soft golden colour.  Her wings, too, are a pure and shining white, and she wears a white pearl necklace, with a diamond glittering at the centre.

All this gives the card a Goddess emphasis in my eyes.  The rainbow is often associated with the Goddess Iris (also related to the flower) and the bumblebee is also a symbol of the Goddess.  A sense, then, of Temperance being connected to balancing the spiritual and mundane, as well as our inner and outer lives.

Today, I think I need to find a balance between different focuses - I have some reviews to write, and I also need to contact a few people about Big Boys medical issues, as well as catching up with some work which took a back seat while I was doing the Motivational Interviewing course, and then yesterday with my mum's birthday.

I am grateful for the ability to creatively balance different priorities.


  1. This is so pretty and cheerful! I love the woman and the irises and's so refreshing.

    I hope this shows things looking up for you, feeling more relaxing and healing. I know Temperance does show the need for balance in order for this healing to begin, but I still often see it as a card of the Star but with more need for balance and patience attached.

    Hugs n' Healing,

    1. Hi MM,

      That's a good reminder. And yes, it felt like quite a healing day :)

      Friday Hugs,