Sunday, 30 September 2012

Reflective Draw for the Week

Carla, over at Rowan Tarot, has been doing daily reflective draws recently which I really enjoyed.  However, I'm no good to anyone by the end of the day, given how early I tend to start.  So, wanting to do a reading with the Tarot House deck, I thought, why not make it a draw about the week instead?

I've adapted Carla's questions to reflect the week, rather than the day:

What did I do well last week? - Nine of Cups

Last week, I managed a lot of different emotions, my own and those of others.  I think I did a reasonably balanced job, and communicated well about difficult feelings.  For example, in conversations with my Dear One about where to go after the miscarriage. 

I also worked on making my wishes into reality, writing the first draft of my dissertation protocol.  That's pretty emotional for me, as it's something I feel excited about, but also something that touches me at an intuitive and spiritual level - being able to do something I really love.

What do I need to carry forward into this week? - Four of Wands

I've laid some good foundations, now I need to cement them, build on them, and keep up the good work.  If I just let things slide, those foundations could crumble again, instead I need to reinforce them and keep the energy going.  There may be some influences from outside that challenge me in that regard, but with enthusiasm and hard work I can hopefully move forward.

And what should I be on the lookout for this week? - The Magician

I should keep my eyes open for how I can determine my own future, how I can shape my own reality.  If obstacles come up, I need to think about what I can do to get over them, rather than giving up or relying on others.  This fits well with the previous card of building on the foundations already laid.  I've done the groundwork, now I need to make the magic happen ;)


  1. Lovely reading! Do you have any idea how you are going to cement the foundations under your good work?

    1. Well, for one thing I have a lot of books to read before I can write my dissertation. So, even though I haven't yet got the go-ahead, starting on those is one plan, in fact I'm already half way through one book I started on Wednesday. I could also start to draft an information leaflet for prospective participants - a lot of that would stay the same even if I have to change my research title... :)

  2. Nice reading! I like the idea of a reflective reading for the day and week. Can't wait to try for myself. :-)

    1. Hi Siddaleah,

      I'll look forward to seeing what you come up with ;) I definitely found it a useful exercise - hope to repeat it every week if I can...

  3. What an excellent draw.

    I have to say I'm very impressed at how you handle issues that come up--and rather large issues at that!

    These cards are really excellent cards. I'm glad to get any of them. All together they seem pretty auspicious.

    I hope things with your dissertation are going well.


    1. Hi MM,

      Sorry I didn't reply before, must have got lost in my inbox. It feels like things have been moving so fast since this reading, I never quite catch my breath. Still, lots of good stuff.

      Hope you are having a lovely weekend!