Friday, 21 September 2012

Sinner or Saint

©Charlene Livingstone
Today we come face to face with another King from the Art of Life Tarot (U.S. Games, 2012), the King of Cups.

This is another of those cards that I don't like much!  The colours feel all wrong for the King of Cups, and there's neither cup nor water to be seen.  Perhaps if I knew more about art, or the artist Gauguin, this image would make more sense...  Okay, having read up about him on Wikipedia, he suffered depression and didn't get on with his family - perhaps quite King of Cups Rx.

Then there's the quote: "It is a good thing to be rich and to be strong, but it is a better thing to be loved." - Euripedes.  I guess, if this is saying that the King of Cups is a loving presence in our life, then I can get behind it.  However, it seems more to suggest, given the masculine traits mentioned, that the King of Cups is loved.  Not a bad thing or necessarily untrue, but it doesn't seem to say much about the King, making him a passive recipient.  Perhaps it means to suggest that his nature is loveable.  Or maybe I'm just over thinking this...

For me, I've realised recently that I tend to see the shadow side of the King of Cups. His emotional nature that he struggles to cope with, either sinking into depression, creating a false hardness or drowning his emotions in drink.  At his best, I see him as someone who understands emotions, his own and others', without getting overwhelmed by them.

Today, I see in this card my Dear One.  In a couple of hours I'm being admitted to hospital to "evacuate the uterus" as it says on my form.  He has promised to be with me, to lend me emotional support.

I am grateful for all the love in my life.


  1. Thinking of you a lot today (as I attempt to head off to sleep). I'm glad to hear of your loving support from your husband.

    For the record, I kind of have a somewhat negative view of the King of Cups, too. Not always. Sometimes I see him as creative or intuitive.

    I actually see this as the 'working artist' card, but really the emotional support thing is a more appropriate and common meaning.

    Sorry for rambling.

    Healing hugs,

    1. Hi MM,

      Well it all went smoothly, and my Dear One was lovely, staying with me the whole time and getting me nice food for lunch so I didn't have to eat hospital food :)

      Hmm, I hadn't ever though of this card as being the "working artist" card - will have to ponder that one...

      Happy Saturday Hugs,

  2. I pulled the King of Cups today too, and he seemed quite melancholy. You have sad business today, and yet you are still working to see where you have been blessed. That's a very emotionally healthy attitude. Perhaps that King of Cups reflects not only your husband but you as well.

    1. Hi Siddaleah,

      Hmm, yes, melancholy is quite an apt description for the King of Cups quite often, I think. Though Carla of Rowan Tarot recently posted about him in his positive aspect as being like Michael Landon in Little House on the Prairie - always willing to see the wonder and beauty in life...

      And yes, I try to count my blessings, knowing it helps at an emotional level. Interesting that it could also be seen as a King of Cups trait - I would never have thought of that :)

  3. Chloe, sending all healing thoughts your way...

    1. Thank you, Nion! I'm feeling perhaps surprisingly okay after the whole thing, just a sore throat to show for it. Still, planning to do some kind of ritual to mark this sad ending...