Saturday, 29 September 2012

Sitting in Judgement

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This week, as I mentioned yesterday, I will be working with the Tarot House deck.  This self-published deck is quite unusual in it's semi-illustrated pips, with a whole system around the positioning of the elements.

Today, though, we don't need to concern ourselves with that, as we meet Lady Justice.  She sits on a golden throne placed in the middle of a path that seems to run between two high mountain peaks.  In her right hand she holds a sword, in her left a scales.  Her dress is pale blue, colour of clear communication.  And she wears a golden crown on her head, indicating her state of enlightenment.  She will weigh everything up and then come to a clear decision, a way to move forward.  She is not swayed by status only by truth, and honours everyone involved in a situation, giving each respect and their fair due.

Today, I feel things are hanging in Lady Justice's balance.  I am waiting for a response from my research tutor, having given him details of the new topic of my dissertation protocol.  Of course, he's unlikely to respond over the weekend, so now I sit and wait. 

In the meantime, I can weigh up for myself whether I have fairly balanced all the requisite elements.  I hope, at least, to have a response from my mother, who used to be a university lecturer herself.  I sent her the draft of the protocol, and would feel reassured to have her opinion, even if she suggests places where it needs tweaking.  Although I know she loves me, she wouldn't say it was good if she thought I had a snowball's chance...

I am grateful for some external objectivity.

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