Sunday, 30 September 2012

Spin the Wheel

©P & J House
On this Sunday morning, the card to pop out of the Tarot House deck is the Wheel of Fortune.

It's quite an unusual image, with a hooded and cloaked figure standing to the left and a figure in medieval robes to the right.  They appear to be looking down into some kind of shining globe, waiting for it to stop spinning so they know where it's landed.  What is at stake in this, I wonder?

The card makes me think of tales of gambling with Death.  If he wins, he claims you, if not, you get to go on and explore life a little more.  Every day is a new spin of the wheel, with new possibilities and challenges.

Today, this card says to me it's time to go with the flow, to see what life throws up and make the most of it.  That'll probably involve Big Boy saying he wants to go and watch traffic and people on the High Street, but you never know...

I am grateful for a mellow, family day.


  1. ha, this remind me of the Sims games I used to play a lot back when I had sometimes had the chance to gamble with death for a loved ones life - I think in one of the games it was rock paper scissors and in another chess - and even to socialize a bit with him after (using a bit of cheating, I once had a character have a baby with death :0 )

    lol anyway, enjoy the family day

    1. Hilarious, what did you call your Grim Reaper baby?

      We had a lovely family day. Hope your weekend was good too!

  2. A mellow family day sounds pretty good to me!

    1. Hi Siddaleah,

      Yes, it was nice :) Hope you had a lovely Sunday, too!