Monday, 10 September 2012

Taming the Jungle

©Katalin E. Csikos
Today's card from HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot (Self-published, 2010) is quite unusual.

Here we have the Eight of Swords, but rather than someone trapped by the swords, we see them lined up neatly.  Lush jungle foliage is on one side of the swords, but the other side seems almost empty.  Perhaps, then, this says something about limiting ideas that block creativity and growth.

It could also be taken another way, green shoots starting to encroach through the lowest-lying sword suggesting the unstoppability of creativity and life :)

I have a dentist's appointment today, as well as a consultation with a holistic gynecologist.  The dentist is one I haven't seen before, but whom my Dear One recommends.  I'm not a fan of seeing them, but I also acknowledge the necessity.  Still, I recognise my own negative assumptions around the visit (very traditional Eight of Swords).  Let's hope I'm proved wrong!  The holistic gynecologist I see more in the beauty of nature in this card, and I hope that this natural approach can win through some of the rational austerity of the medical establishment...

I am grateful for the power of nature.

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