Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Watery Warrior

©Katalin E. Csikos
Today's card from Hazelmoon's Hawaiian Tarot (self-published, 2010), is another Court card - the Warrior (Knight) of Swords.

It's interesting, in this deck none of the "Warrior" cards look all that warrior-like.  Take this chap; he's standing in the sea, letting the waves lap around his ankles, and holding his sword more like a stick for balance than like a weapon.  There is a huge smile on his face as he looks off to his right, and palm trees wave gently around him, while the sand gleams a sunny yellow just behind him.  He wears a red lei around his neck, and a yellow and red loin cloth, as well as green leaves around his head, and his long, dark hair flows loose down his back.

It's also striking that, while you can almost sense the gentle sea breeze flowing around him, he is also stood in water.  He may not want to immerse himself in emotion, but he is able to get a feel for the emotions around him, in order to better find his way.  He is using his mind/sword as a tool to help him find a balanced approach, and he tries to keep things friendly.  Not your typical Knight of Swords, yet I can also see some of the traditional ideas around communication and clarity of vision...

Certainly, I can see the need to communicate clearly yet gently today.  Big Boy starts back at school for the first time after the summer holidays.  However, everyone's nerves are already frazzled.  His school has been rebuilding since last July (they were at a temporary site for a year), and despite initial promises that they would move into the new building in June, then August, it has now been pushed back to October!  The school were informed last week that the building wasn't ready, and have been scrambling to organise alternatives for the next few weeks that involve different classes using different play and leisure centres around the borough - and of course transport has had to coordinate so they pick up kids by class, rather than by location.  As for us, after what turned out to be a typo, we had to make several calls yesterday to confirm where he's actually going to be, as we'd been told two totally different things!  It's all been pretty crazy, so some strong but gentle energy would definitely be of benefit to everyone :)

I am grateful for the strength to be clear without being snarky.


  1. Clear without snarky is good. Snarky is more fun sometimes, though. lol. (I try to keep the snark in my head.)

  2. That sounds realllllly frustrating. The card definitely does not exude frustration. Maybe the deeper message is, 'GO TO HAWAII!!!' :D


    1. Hi MM,

      It got worse! At 12.20pm I got a call saying they hadn't received BB's feedplan, when and how much should he be fed? The answer - he should have eaten at 12pm! Anyhow, I stayed calm and gave them all his details again...

      I like your interpretation - Go to Hawaii ;D