Wednesday, 5 September 2012


©Shirlee at Wicca Moon
Today, the Wicca Moon Tarot shows us another beautiful, yet less restful card.

In this version of the Eight of Swords, the eponymous swords are bundled in the centre of the card, whipped around by the wind.  It pulls them together, allowing little space for movement or autonomy.  It feels like a whirlwind, our ideas becoming trapped in a fixed pattern, unable to escape and head off in new directions.  Yet, it is just the wind, and those swords could cut through it if they were wielded with determination and focus.

As an alternative to this more traditional perspective, we could see this as a gathering together of ideas.  Our intellect bringing together a number of different notions, to see if they will work as a whole.

I see myself in the more traditional interpretation of this card today.  It's my mum's birthday, and she's coming over to visit this afternoon.  I've been trying to find a gift for her, but I think I've been trapped in a fixed idea of what she'd like.  Now I need to think outside the box, and fast!  Or maybe draw together a number of different things she likes, in a novel way... hmm.

I am grateful for the ability to bring different thoughts together.


  1. Hi Chloë!

    I'm about to head to bed--it's almost midnight here! I love seeing your posts before I go to bed, though. Don't worry...I'm not blaming you for me staying up too late. Hehee.

    Interesting gift dilemma. This image made me think 'bouquet' or 'gift basket'...maybe a basket with good olive oil, tomato sauce and fancy pasta? Or some other combination of foods/delicacies/fun things? I love giving bath/body products in baskets. It can be very affordable or as extravagant as you like.

    Anyway--have a good day!


    1. Hi MM,

      Hope you sleep well!

      Thanks for those ideas. I can't give my mum bath/body products as she's quite particular about her brands/scents. The deli gift basket is a great idea, though - we've got a lovely deli nearby :)

      Hope you have a good day when you wake up again.

      Big hugs,

  2. Happy birthday to your mum! Does she like lemons? It looks like lemon slices on those swords. lol

    1. Funny you should say that, I almost got her some lime pickle ;D