Sunday, 2 September 2012

Wicca Moon Elemental Interview

©Shirlee at Wicca Moon
As I've already mentioned, the Wicca Moon Tarot is a self-published deck.  If you're interested in getting hold of it, you can try emailing the creator at shirlee (at)  My thanks again to Patsy (find her here and here), who helped me get my hands on a copy ;)

Wanting to get to know this charming deck a little better, I decided to ask it a few questions.

Earth - What are you like at a practical level?  Ace of Cups

"I am perhaps a little too emotionally open.  When trying to get on with things I may be distracted by the underlying emotions of those around me.

"I have a deep sense of reverence for life, and for the wisdom inherent in every person, so that guides my actions.  I love nature, but remain a little separate from it, probably because I see it more poetically than realistically.  That perspective always affects my approach."

Air - How do you communicate best?  King/Queen of Cups

This deck is unusual in that the Kings and Queens are combined in a single card for each suit (giving a total of 74 cards).  So, here we have the Royal Couple of Cups :)

"I am mature and emotionally wise, and I communicate from the heart.  I bring a balanced perspective to life, and find ways to communicate that suit the person I am with.

"I communicate clearly, from a place of wisdom, but also with kindness and sensitivity.  I manage to put across emotions in a way that is easily understandable, though I may speak more in metaphor than in terms of logic."

Fire - In what way are you most dynamic?  Six of Swords

"I am good at finding the path to calmer waters.  I use my experiences to move forward in a way that cuts through to more peaceful ways of being.

"As I'm so emotional, things can sometimes get a bit bumpy, but I believe there's always a solution.  You just have to look deep into your heart and be willing to be honest about what has happened.  Past experience is a rich fount of wisdom and good advice, even if it's in terms of what doesn't work." ;)

Water - What are you like emotionally?  IX - The Hermit

"People sometimes think of me as being withdrawn, but it's because I am emotionally sensitive that I need to pull back sometimes.  I have hidden depths, it's true.  Still, I also use my knowledge to try to help guide others.

"I look for answers from within, rather than in books or gurus.  Not that I disdain knowledge from others, but it always has to be tempered by my own experience, my own understanding.  I can't just buy into something without working through it for myself first.

"That means I sometimes need to take my time, and go over things a few times.  Still, it also means that once I do know something, I can explain it clearly, as I really live it."

Spirit - What is your deepest message?  Ten of Cups

"Emotional fulfillment is what I seek, and what I promise.  There is transformation here, and joy!"

"I can help you find a spiritual connection, and it's through joy and emotional fulfillment that I encourage change.  I think it's a pretty good combination."

Sounds pretty good to me, too!  I have to say, I was suprised to get such a watery/cupsy reading from this deck.  Seems like it might be good for working through deeply emotional questions, where the answers are about feelings rather than what's "actually going on".   Overall, it confirmed my sense of this deck as being a happy deck, full of light, but also wisdom.


  1. It's official, I want this deck. Now is the perfect time as I am working my way through some deep seated emotional issues mostly by way of meditation.

    Thanks for using it this week and for this deck spread. It is somewhat more in depth than the one I use so gives a bit more information.

    Love your musings ....

    1. Hi Carol,

      Glad this deck speaks to you, too, Carol :) Good luck with working through the letting go!

  2. Super cool interview an an interesting deck. Sending you a swell Sunday and Monday.


    1. Hi MM,

      Thanks, I always enjoy interviewing decks. Sending you a swell rest of the week ;)


  3. You know what, Chloe, I think that deck was describing you! :) x

    1. Ha ha! Well, I guess there's always a bit of that. Still, when I've done elemental quizzes, water comes out as my weakest aspect, so I don't think it's really me ;)