Saturday, 20 October 2012


This week, I'll be blogging with Jessica Shanahan's Tarot of the Absurd.  When it arrived, it looked like this:

The cards are all black-and-white, with very unusual and striking designs.  You can maybe get a feel for that here:

©Jessica Shanahan
So, what does this deck have to say to us today?  The first card I pulled is the Alchemist (Magician).

There is a genie-esque quality to this card, the Alchemist seeming to emerge from the upper tip of the crescent moon, which seems to make up the body of some sort of alembic.  Yet, the Alchemist also holds the top of the alembic, as though controlling the flow from it, of spiralling gases, or maybe pure magic.

I see the Alchemist as a she, though it isn't overly apparent.  She wears a floppy hat with a star on it, which is echoed in the base of the alembic, and a single high heeled shoe.  Also a pair of glasses - for short-sightedness or to enhance vision?  She holds some kind of wand in her left hand, with which she seems to poke herself.  Either that, or it's aiming down beneath her, perhaps to where she is emerging from the moon - willing herself out?

The sense I get here is firstly of willing herself into existence, creating herself with a wave of her wand.  What else might she control, if she has such power?  She seems very intent on what she's doing, that's for sure.

It's curious how, with nothing but black on white, the artist has created such a happy, magical feel: like everything is possible.  I also love the feeling of dancing in this image, like all of life is set to music, a graceful flow of movement: which at a quantum level it is...

As for me, today I want to do some writing for the Celtic Lenormand.  I'd also like to start work on a powerpoint for a class on learning to read the Lenormand that I plan to run in some local occult shops.  And if I have time I might start work on my blog posts for the next Tarot Blog Hop...  Hopefully, this Alchemist's energy will help me get lots done :)

I am grateful for will, determination and creativity.


  1. Wow, teaching classes and all. :)

    This deck is striking but I would never use it. For some reason, lately I've been really diggin' the RWS. Must be Rachel Pollack's influence. x

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    2. Never say never! Maybe I'll bring it along next Saturday ;D

  2. looking forward to reading your posts about this awesome deck. Like how you describe the Alchemist, ie. willing herself into existence :]

    1. Well, thank you for enabling me with it ;D

  3. thanks for sharing.