Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Ghosts of the Past

©Kipling West
The Halloween Tarot (U.S. Games, 1997) renames all the suits, as you've probably noticed the last few days ;)  Wands become Imps, Cups are Ghosts, Swords transform into Bats, and Pentacles grow into Pumpkins.  That makes today's card the Five of Cups, in traditional parlance.

I find this a fascinating take on the card: four ghosts and a pumpkin man watch with unhappy expressions while a fifth ghost pours water from a bucket into a river.  Even the orange-eyed cat is gazing up at the water-pouring ghost.  Meanwhile, five stars twinkle overhead, and another bucket stands unheaded behind the pumpkin man.

What this card says to me is that focusing on the ghosts of past relationships, past experiences, is like pouring all our emotional energy down the drain.  We do not see the guiding light that surrounds us, nor the emotional strength we still have.

As for me, I take this card as a prod to stop feeling sorry for myself.  Yes, my first dissertation protocol was rejected, but things don't have to end there, unless I let them.  Same goes for other things in my life.  They are only hopeless if I look to the past, rather than the future.

I am grateful for the reminder of the light that surrounds me.


  1. Hugs!

    I know the feeling. I get mired in feeling sorry for myself. I feel that you have a really great ability to use information in a healthy way and then move forward from there.

    I'm sure you'll do a great job with your dissertation, no matter what happens between now and then!


  2. Hi MM,

    Sorry for the late reply. Getting the second rejection, plus all the work of the Tarot Blog Hop, plus Big Boy getting ill have slowed down my blog reading and commenting :( How dare life get in the way of blogging? ;)

    Looking forward to catching up on your vids - from none to loads in just a week :D