Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Hiding Emotions

©P & J House
Two Court cards in a row, I wonder what the Tarot House deck wants to share with us today?

Here we have the Knight of Cups.  I am straight away struck by the golden helm he holds.  If he were wearing it, we wouldn't be able to see the real him at all: it's a very full and rigid mask!  Yet, he isn't wearing it.  Instead, we can see his auburn hair, his face turned to the right.  He looks pensive, and certainly doesn't seem to be focusing on where his horse is taking him.  So, someone armoured, and yet who has a softer side.  Someone who can be very active, and yet who is also thoughtful.

Overall, I rather like this Knight of Cups.  The gold of his armour makes me think of wisdom, and the green of the feather on his helm and the opposing quadrants on his shield suggests growth and nature.  I also like his horse, with a warm, brown coat, golden mane and bright, white diamond between the eyes.  I think it was Alison of This Game of Thrones who suggested a lot could be told of a Knight by his mount.  Which makes this Knight a stable, gentle, wise fellow, with a touch of flair in his appearance :)

Today I'd like to take some to reflect and meditate, to cultivate a bit more mindfulness.  I also see the suggestion to be loving and kind to those around me :)

I am grateful for the reminder to express my love.

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