Friday, 12 October 2012

Introducing the Touchstone Tarot

Okay, so there are probably a fair few of you out there who have already met the Touchstone Tarot.  I have been lusting after this deck for a few years, but was under the impression that it was OOP and only available for silly money.  Then, a few weeks ago, I discovered that the Kunati mass market edition, though OOP, is still available from the fab folks at the Tarot Garden!  Clickety-click, meet the Touchstone Tarot ;D

Just the box
Which opens nicely, snug lid
A good-sized book, and deck underneath
The whole lot together
Sitting pretty
Ooh, gold borders - shiny :)
Can't wait to play...


  1. Always good to have a little look around. I have this one. Have had it for years, but never really used it. Will be interested to see where it takes you. Next week's deck?

    Looking forward to hearing how London goes!

    1. Hi PLN,

      Yes, next week's deck :) Why am I not surprised you have this one - it is delightfully rich and beautiful :)

      London was excellent - such a great experience! Hope to meet you there one day...

  2. yay for affordable deck editions :]

  3. Replies
    1. They sure are, Siddaleah. So glad to finally get my mitts on them ;)