Sunday, 21 October 2012

Jolly Gentlemen

©Jessica Shanahan
Today's card from Jessica Shanahan's Tarot of the Absurd (2012), is the Three of Sticks (Wands).

Three very different characters stand together.  One looks like a priest, another seems like an old but nimble archer, and the last a "fat cat" business man.  Each holds a stick, but all three sticks are somewhat different.  Are these three fellows working together on a project?  Or all waiting for something to happen?

The two on the outside look towards each other,  while the small man in the middle seems more focused on what he holds in his left hand.  I also like the way he delicately holds his very fine stick with one finger, as though balancing it.

Somehow, the message I get here is that the more lightly we can hold a project, the healthier for us, and the less stressed we will be.

I shall have to let go of my current projects today, or at least hold them lightly in mind, rather than actually working on them.  That is the joy and the torture of family day :)  I think it does me good - a form of Temperance, forcing me to bring some work/family balance into my life.

I am grateful for a family I love.



  1. Haha, re torture. I like the idea of holding onto them lightly Chloe. You never know when something in these family days might heavily inspire your project or help you to see something from a new angle. Hope you have fun!

    1. Hi PLN,

      Well, I didn't get inspired, but I think it did us all good to have some time together :) Hope you had a great weekend, Cx