Friday, 12 October 2012


©Moore & Krysinski & Gabrielli
For this last draw with the Book of Shadows Tarot, As Above (Lo Scarabeo, 2012) we meet another Major.  Once again, this one is from the Wheel of the Year section, representing Lammas, or Loafmass, the time of first harvest on the eve of August.  In traditional decks, though, it is the Devil!

A male figure clothed in brown stands beside a table with loaves of bread and bottles of beer.  He holds a rough, wooden staff in his left hand, and looks either at the staff or out beyond it.  Behind him is a field of wheat, and a dramatic skyscape.

What does this pastoral scene have to do with the Devil?  Barbara Moore puts it succinctly: "As the end of the growing season draws closer, there is an air of celebration and wild abandon."  She links this to the acknowledgement of the price to be paid for the harvest, with the death of the Oak King and the work that goes into reaping what has been sown.  At this point, the focus is still on enjoying what is being harvested, rather than on putting aside for the winter, making preserves and so forth.

Today, the harvest I am reaping is the joy of attending the UK Tarot Conference.  Not only do I get to attend a workshop with Rachel Pollack (one of my favourite tarot authors), but I do so in the company of my oldest friend.  There is also a tarot auction in the evening, which is perhaps where more traditional ideas of the Devil come in.  After all, I will admit to being a complete tarot-aholic ;)

I am grateful for the chance to wallow in tarot.


  1. What a fab day you have ahead of you! I hope you take some photos and come back laden with goodies ;)

    Also, I was thinking how much today's card looks so much like the RWS Magician with his table and staff etc.

    1. Ah yes, good reminder - pack camera ;)

      Interesting take on the card, PLN. I think the man represents the Holly King, taking over sovereign responsibility as the Oak King is cut down. So, the Magician isn't a bad representation...