Friday, 5 October 2012

Lenormand Corner 3

Today I decided to take on a bit more of a challenge - blogging a larger reading, taking a more patterned approach.  Using the delightful  Pixie's Astounding Lenormand, I drew nine cards for a mini tableau...

Tree, Man, Boat, House, Heart, Letter, Lillies, Mountain, Rider
At the centre of the reading is Heart, a card of love, romance and happiness.  Looks like it's less to do with family, security or nookie than to do with being happy about things moving on.  There are still obstacles, but I'm moving away from hard times, and healing, all through a written adventure.  The passion I feel will help me over the rough spots, guiding me to a deeper truth.

There's also a man, or perhaps several, involved in this.  I don't think that's referring to my Dear One, as it doesn't seem to be romantic love we're talking here, but rather a love of adventure and the written word.  So, men who will help me on that path - my dissertation tutor, and maybe someone else I'm hoping to approach today or tomorrow...

That's my intuitive reading of the patterns in this spread.  If anyone wants to chime in with a more system-based reading... :D


  1. Funny-this kinda reminds me of the post I did today! Not sure if it's anything similar, but I wonder if a trip is also in store for you and/or husband? You guys do seem to travel a fair bit. Maybe another romantic vacation is in the offing? You sure could use it after your recent stresses.

    Looking at the cards, there is a lot going on in your life. At least it really seems like it. I feel like readings tend to cover 2-3 topics sometimes. I do think there's generally 1 or 2 that are highlighted as being most important.

    I looked up some of these Lenormand combinations and there's a really outdoorsy, vacationy feel to some of these cards. Like I imagine you renting a little cottage and hiking, maybe by the sea. There's a really 'connected to nature' thing. In fact, it also seems almost like you are going to be invited somewhere...that's what I saw with the letter thing.

    I don't know. I could be 100% wrong. I do feel your dissertation stuff is very relevant, too.


    1. Hi MM,

      Funny, now you say it I can see a fair bit of movement going on here. I guess, I was influenced by the "heart" of the reading. Plus there's a fair bit of movement going on in my head, if not IRL. But, to be honest, I am supposed to be organising a quick birthday trip for my Dear One and I for his birthday mid-December... :D


  2. Card 5 can be preselected or not to represent your focus. In this case it would seem you are focused on finding happiness, and that is great! In the Square of 9, the 1st card is the most important factor. That is Tree, a card concerned with both health and the long term. The corners contain the main themes of the reading, and you have Tree + Rider and Ship + Lilies. I am seeing this as news of a long-term project alongside a sense of longing for harmony in the family.

    The inner cross will answer questions of what is really going on with you, 2+4+6+8, and you have Man+House+Letter+Mountain. I see this as meaning that the man of the house is uncommunicative about something that is important to you. Maybe he is delaying doing some paperwork or sending some sort of message.

    For extra info, we can look at 1+3+8 and 2+4+6 and we see Tree+Ship+Mt, Lilies+Man+Rider. I see a blockage to long-term travel plans, and a resolution to the conflict with man when he finally sends the message or does the communicating you've been wanting him to do.

    1. Hi Carla,

      Thanks for the breakdown on how you read a nine card square: very interesting and useful.

      I was taking 5 as the centre of the reading, as you do. However, there is no match with the man of the house being uncommunicative. My dissertation tutor, on the other hand, never got back to me... So, a man connected with an establishment and solid foundations.

      Also no blockage to long-term travel plans, in fact those may have opened up a couple of weeks ago.

      I should have probably broken down more how I got to my reading, as it does follow a different form of Lenormand tradition. Roughly speaking, what is below needs overcoming, what is above is to be strived for, what is in front is the future, and what is behind is no longer where the focus is... :)

    2. Well, I'm still learning. :D Plus, I took this as predictive, so some of the things may not have happened yet. (Fingers crossed they don't).

    3. By the way, your tutor is a good interpretation of the man combo, and I think it's near enough for me to feel pretty good about that. :D

      An alternate reading of Tree + Ship + Mountain would be an obstacle to overcome in an area of growth that has been a dream for a long time. Does that sound closer to the mark?

    4. I like that "obstacle to overcome in an area of growth that has been a long-term dream" - that definitely fits ;D