Saturday, 20 October 2012

Lenormand Corner 5

Following on from this morning's post, I decided to do a quick five card Lenormand draw to look at what's going on around the Celtic Lenormand project for me at the moment.  I used the recently released Under the Roses Lenormand (Hurteau & Hill, 2012), which is currently sold-out, but which will hopefully see a second print run soon.

Gentleman, Mountain, Stork, Birds, Fish
It's interesting, firstly, that I have had all these cards before on this blog, even though I haven't yet posted many Lenormand readings here.  So, a definite pattern!

Man has come next to, or near Mountain before, too.  This time, I see it somewhat differently, inspired by one of the keywords on the Mountain card here.  The past of this situation is that I had to deal with an intimidating man.  Not that Will Worthington is intimidating as a person, more his reputation.  It was tough for me to approach him, THE Will Worthington, as just some woman with an idea for a deck.  Still, he was really nice about it, took the project on its merits, and is thoroughly down-to-earth and easy to communicate with.

Stork in the centre position says that this is something which will bring change, growth, a "new addition to the family".  That's a new addition to my family and Will's family, as this is our project, our baby (though he has rather more "kids" than I do).  And also a new addition to the Lenormand family :)

As for the future, Birds and Fish recommend communication for making money.  Straight away, I thought about networking!  I've been doing a lot of that the last few days, spending hours on Facebook that I wouldn't normally spend.  Still, especially if we do go the self-publishing route, having built up a community of people interested in the deck will be vital.

In this combination I also see support for my wish to teach Lenormand classes.  That is another form of communication with a group that will also help make money.  Both directly, in getting paid for classes, and indirectly in creating word-of-mouth about the deck, which I will use in my presentations as soon as images are available.

So, I shall use that Alchemist energy from earlier to approach some occult stores and see about hiring a space to teach Lenormand classes, hopefully with some advertising support from them...


  1. What a great reading! I am really happy for you and excited that you are embarking on this great project. I envy your drive. :)

    1. Drive is right, I do feel driven! Anyhow, it's a pretty good possession/obsession, and I've booked a room for a Lenormand workshop in January :D

  2. great reading for an awesome project :]
    and kudos to you for approaching him.

    1. Thanks, Bonkers :) Sometimes not sure where I get my confidence from - I sure don't feel it on the inside...