Monday, 22 October 2012

Lenormand Corner 6

Today, I decided to do a lovely spread which Jase calls his Lenormand five-finger exercise :)  Interestingly, it echoed a lot of what I saw in this morning's tarot card.

Piatnik Lenormand
I am facing a burdensome situation (Cross) which I find confusing (Clouds).  This is to do with my spiritual understanding of things (I see Cross as both burden and spirituality, and that's one of the things I wanted to write about today, and clarify, for the Celtic Lenormand book: the relationship of these two aspects).  The outcome is an overcoming of confusion, and a sense of shoring up my faith in my understanding (Tower).

This fits well with the Page of Blades I had earlier - the Tower can often represent academia and study, too.  The main difference I see here is the aspect of feeling weighed down.  However, since I wrote this morning's tarot post I've felt like I wasted far too much time on necessary but annoying paperwork, rather than the work I actually want to achieve.  I guess that's where the difference comes in...  Still, the Tower as outcome suggests I will get to do the research and writing I want to :)


  1. "...necessary but annoying paperwork..." I guess that was the burden.

    But you sound so organized! I'm like, "Oh, I still have to pay the bills that are somewhere in a pile of paper in the kitchen. I'll just throw this other stuff in a basket for now..."

    I have faith that you will get your book written in a far more organized manner than I will, and that if I read it I would learn something legitimate about both the lenormand (about which I am 99.9% ignorant) and the individual cards.

    Me, I'm writing a circuitous mish-mash of poetry, memoir, mythology and editorial. The working title is "Tarot of the Absurd: the Existential Chapbook" [OMG, I can't believe I just told you that. Now I actually have to do it.]

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Well, I have to be organised for my day job :( Still, it comes in handy sometimes.

    I love the sound of your book - so creative! Can't wait to read it, so get going ;)