Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Lenormand Corner 7

Once again, I did Jase's Lenormand five-finger exercise:

Fairy Tale Fortune Cards ©Dean & Speight
 A fortuitous (Clover) conversation (Birds) leads to happiness and love (Heart).

Well, that fits amazingly well with this morning's tarot draw, again!  It suggests if my Dear One and I take time to tell each other what makes us feel lucky to be together, it'll make us feel all the more loving :)  Sounds like a plan to me!


  1. I hope your date night went swimmingly. Now congratulate me for not going directly to amazon and ordering this deck. You evil temptress, you.

    1. Date night went well, though the film wasn't on - darn internet site (the cinema's own!) Congratulations on not going directly to amazon. If you want to continue to resist temptation, you'd better not check out the video I'm about to upload, showing the entire deck and companion book ;)