Monday, 15 October 2012

Life Purpose

©Kat Black
On this Monday morning, we meet the Seven of Pentacles from the Touchstone Tarot (Kunati, 2009).

A woman stands, watering a pot with a slightly wilted pink flowered plant in it.  She wears a green cloak and a dusky rose blouse and scarf over her head - reminding me of the Girl with a Pearl Earring.  Over her head hangs a vine with seven coins.  There are more flowers in other pots, red and white.

It's interesting to have a woman in this card, and one in an indoor setting.  This speaks of the variety of ways in which we can nurture something for the future.

During one of her talks, Rachel Pollack discussed the notion of our Life Purpose.  She said, what if we don't even know what our life purpose is, what if it has nothing to do with our life or what we think is our purpose?  She gave the example of Paul Foster-Case, the founder of BOTA.  Before he founded the Builders of the Adytum, he worked in vaudeville.  One day, someone back stage wondered in passing where playing cards came from.  It was a question that was to lead Foster-Case to explore cards, the tarot, and much other esoteric knowledge, and then offer that wisdom up to the world in the form of a correspondence course.  So Rachel said, perhaps that casual commenter's life purpose was just to ask that question of Foster-Case!

I see things somewhat differently.  At another point in time, Rachel talked about hating the question: "When will I meet my soul mate?"  She said: what an amazing assumption.  Not just assuming that you have a soul mate, but that you will meet them, that it's just a question of when.  Now, I'm with Rachel on this one - I don't believe in "The One".  I think that love is what we make of it, and that we might have a soul mate or twin flame relationship, but that this kind of deep connection is no guarantee that we'll wind up with that person.  Or that we might have more than one soul mate, or none at all (or at least might not meet, or not recognise, them).

What has this got to do with the question of life purpose, and our woman in the Seven of Coins?  Well, I think we don't necessarily just have one life purpose.  Yes, maybe the most historically significant thing that person did was ask a random question of Foster-Case.  That doesn't invalidate, though, all the other things that he did in his life.  It doesn't mean that the purpose he saw in his life wasn't valid or worthwhile.  Maybe he also made a sick child smile, reminded a man why he loved his wife, and wrote a really funny song.  Maybe he went on to be an insurance salesman and saved some poor widow from starvation.

We may water many plants in our life.  Some will flourish, some may die.  Only time will tell.  And even then, just because one plant goes on to be a famous ribbon winner, doesn't invalidate the other plants we watered, even if they don't go down in history.  We might be most proud of the one that didn't make it, but from which we learnt how best to nurture the ones that came after...

Today I have a fair bit of boring paperwork to do.  And yet, it may pave the way for something exciting and worthwhile, something of a legacy.

I am grateful for the reminder to give of my best to every task and project in my life, not knowing which, if any, will be "important" in the grand scheme of things.