Monday, 1 October 2012

More Balance

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Today's card from the Tarot House deck is one of the lovely, semi-illustrated pips: the Two of Pentacles.

Here we see a tree, with its roots in thick, dark soil.  It's trunk and two branches are a lively green.  Both branches hold golden pentacles, though the shorter, lower branch holds a smaller pentacle than the taller, longer branch.

As well as traditional interpretations such as needing to juggle different things and having to find some balance, I also see the suggestion that what we are creating is not yet complete: there's still room for growth.  There may be one aspect of our material or physical life that is stronger, better developed, and another which could do with more work.

For me, two things come up with this card for today.  Firstly, there's the reminder from yesterday's reflective draw that there is still plenty to do for my dissertation.  Just because the first hurdle is complete, doesn't mean there aren't a whole host of other hurdles.  So, I shall make sure to do something towards my dissertation today - reading a book, or maybe making a start on the informative pamphlet for participants...

Secondly, it makes me think of the changes I have made in the last few months to my exercise regime.  I used to have just two main focuses - static cycling and yoga.  Now, though, I have added in some pilates-based cardio and also ballet-type exercise routines.  I really like this new regime, though I'm not yet as confident with the new workouts as I was with the bike and yoga.  Still, growth and change are good, and my thighs are looking slimmer ;)

I am grateful for growth, change and a new balance.

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