Monday, 29 October 2012

New Inspiration

©Kipling West
I like today's card from the Halloween Tarot (U.S. Games, 1997), too :) 

This Page has long hair and a rather androgynous look - could be a girl or boy.  There are red salamanders on hir tunic, and s/he gazes up at the bright flame of hir torch.  A little red imp looks out from behind hir, also seeming intent on the flame.  Perhaps wondering what the Page is going to set fire to :)  Likewise, the black cat who graces every card also stares curiously up at the flame.  I like the ghosts on the Page's boots, showing s/he's prone to emotion, as well as passion and enthusiasm.

It feels like this Page has a new inspiration, a guiding light, something to feel excited about.  S/he may not act very wisely, though, too caught up in this new passion to see any of the consequences attached, or anything else at all, for that matter.  Still, a little enthusiasm can go a long way :)

As for me, I am feeling a little more inspired again about my dissertation.  I do recognise, though, that I need to take a good long look at several areas before making another move.  I hope my enthusiasm will weather the vicissitudes of academic rigour...  On the other hand, today I will also be going to Atlantis Bookshop to drop off flyers for my "Introduction to the Lenormand" workshop in January - that's something where I've leapt before looking, but I'm glad of it :)

I am grateful for enthusiasm: be it well-founded or not, it's better than giving up.

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