Saturday, 27 October 2012

To Sleep Part 2

©Kipling West
In this week that encompasses Samhain, what better deck to dig out of my box than the Halloween Tarot (U.S. Games, 1997)? 

Today's image is rather reminiscent of yesterday's Moon card!  Here, the moon gazes down through a stainglass window at a pumpkin-headed Knight on a tombstone.  I love the ever-present black cat, here curled up on the Knight's lap.  I wouldn't mind napping with a cat snuggled up to me, that's for sure :)

This card depicts well the idea of taking some time out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Of resting up to prepare ourselves for the next big push.  Though I wonder how comfortable it would be to sleep in armour...

I feel the need for that armour's protection, though.  Yesterday, I was notified that my dissertation protocol has been declined by the first reviewer.  One of his comments put "tarot" and "hokum" in the same sentence :(  He suggested I look at the use of visual cues in therapy, but as far as I've been able to find, no-one does it.  That was part of the whole point, which he managed to completely miss (though I did state that in my bibliography section)!

I know this is just a first setback, and I can reassess how I approach it - change my "spin".  Still, at the moment all I want to do is blow raspberries at academia and throw myself into the Celtic Lenormand and teaching workshops.  Bah...

At least today should be a welcome break.  Carla, of Rowan Tarot, is coming to London and we shall spend the day together.  Sounds like just the kind of relaxing break I need! :)

I am grateful it's the weekend.


  1. Ahh I am so sorry about the initial rejection. Oye! I wish people were more open-minded as a matter of course. I hope this card merely signals a brief respite before getting back to the hardcore academia. Maybe a brief break would do you good!

    Hope you also get some sleep. Love this card, one of my favorite 4 of Swords.


    1. Hi MM,

      I'm sure you're right - a break and a rethink will do me good. And I do feel better after having a sleep :) I think I was just a bit shocked, because everyone else I've talked to about tarot at that University has been very open-minded about it. My course tutor even said she thought I should do my dissertation on it... Ah well, a rethink!

      Hope you're having a good weekend,

  2. Oh, poo! You know, I was a bit surprised when I read your dissertation topic, at what open-minded reviewers you must have. Don't give up the fight, however. There are quite a few therapists who use cards in their practice, surely.

    You know, I was toying with doing the Halloween Tarot this week. Maybe I'll do Anna K instead. It's autumnal. :)

    See you in a bit!

    1. Hi Carla,

      It was lovely having you here, hope you enjoyed it, too.

      As for the dissertation, everyone else there seemed open. As I mentioned to you, that particular reviewer is someone I didn't like anyway. Ah well, I shall have to think about how to resubmit...

      I think it would be fun to both do the same deck for the week, see what we each get and think ;)

  3. I hope the setback makes all of this stronger, Chloe.

    Oooh, you and Carla are in London. That sounds fun. Will you be taking in any tarot shops while you are there? :)

    1. Hi PLN,

      Well, we never managed to leave the house, but we did workout, look at lots of cards, talk about altars, and generally have a lovely time. We even talked about your Fragments of an Illusion Tarot :D

      As for the setback, hopefully it will make my final dissertation better organised, more focused. Bah, I'm still feeling grumpy about this, maybe tomorrow I'll be able to say that and really mean it...

    2. Sounds fab! Ah, you talked about Fragments! :)

    3. Yes, Carla, didn't know I'd seen it, too, and already raised my hand for the eventual giveaway ;D There's a bit of me wants you to just skip to the one that you will be able to sell, especially as I haven't had much luck on giveaways... Still, I respect your process, and as you say, you're learning a lot with Fragments, so it'll make the next one all the better!

  4. boo to your reviewer. i don't think that was very open-minded of him at all. personally, i feel like using cards therapeutically for myself has helped me more than any actually therapy i've done, so i can only imagine it would be of use with a trained professional.

    Have fun you guys. :]

    1. Hi Bonkers,

      Maybe that's the problem, that the cards are better therapists than many therapists... :D

      And we had a lovely time, thanks! If you're ever in the UK... ;)

  5. That's rather short-sighted of him since Tarot is being used in therapy. You might chat with Toni Gilbert! :D

    1. Hi Arwen,

      Thanks for the reminder. I googled her name, and realised I have her book, though it's still in my "to read" pile. Hell, I approached Will Worthington, maybe I can get up the gumption to approach her. Thank you!

    2. Girl, if you got up anymore gumption you would fly. You've got the gumption. I bet you've already emailed her. :D

    3. I haven't actually! But I got her book down from my tarot room and am thinking about how to contact her and what to say :D