Friday, 26 October 2012

To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

©Jessica Shanahan
I am sad to see this week with the Tarot of the Absurd end!  There is something really warm in these images, despite them being black-and-white. 

For our last card I pulled the Moon.  This is a very sweet, gentle version of this archetype.  A person sleeps curled up with a couple of dogs (or maybe the traditional fox and dog).  All three lie on a bridge over a stream, with four trees that seem almost like pillars supporting the corners of the bridge.  The trees are bare-branched, and with curly roots digging down into the dark soil.  Above it all, the Moon beams down, eyes gently closed, a soft smile on this otherwise impassive face. 

To me, it feels as though everyone is asleep - the person, the animals, the trees, even the Moon.  Perhaps, though, the Moon is just gazing down, wryly thinking about being the only one awake. 

I wonder what they are all dreaming about.  Curled up together on the bridge, it feels like a precarious place to sleep, unsheltered from the elements and the moonlight.  And yet, being curled together would feel cozy and secure.  A strange mix, then.  Do they dream of being in a happy place, or of being pursued by demons, or of entering a strange world where rooms change shape as you walk through them?  Or do they perhaps dream of flying?  Maybe the Moon is dreaming them, creatures to keep him company through the long night...

As for me, I feel a bit like the Moon: too often awake while most of the world sleeps.  And with strange dreams, too!  I am sometimes uncertain whether they are waking dreams, or whether I have managed to sleep a while.  This is part of the problem of being constantly on the alert for Big Boy, who sleeps so poorly, and of trying to go back to sleep when others are getting up.  It's like being a shift worker, never quite able to sleep properly when it is daytime (though, perhaps fortunately in this instance, the hours of daylight are getting fewer and fewer now).  Yet, through it all, there is that thread of emotion, of intuition and a feeling of connection to something profound and creative.

I am grateful for the magic of dreams, both waking and sleeping.

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