Saturday, 13 October 2012

UK Tarot Conference 2012

Over this Friday and Saturday, the Ninth UK Tarot Conference took place, and I was lucky enough to attend.  I asked the Bärtschi Lenormand what to expect:

Cross - spirituality/religion + Birds - communication + Snake - transformation.
So, spiritual talk brings transformation.  That was pretty spot on!
Rachel Pollack
On Friday we had two 2-hour workshops with Rachel Pollack, who is just amazing :)  She has such a wealth of knowledge on a wide range of subjects.  She talks off the cuff with great confidence and humour.  I love that she got us doing all kinds of wisdom readings, as a group, very participatory, as well as imparting so many gems of knowledge.

These workshops covered what she calls multi-dimensional readings, which look at not just the personal, but also familial, social and karmic levels.  We also explored the symbolism of the Rider Waite Smith deck, its history, how it connects with kabbalistic ideas, numerology, the Golden Dawn, astrology and more.  It was an amazingly fun roller coaster ride, with some powerful spreads and readings to boot.

There was also a raffle, an auction, and a chance to chat with other attendees.  I was there with a couple of friends, and loved the chance to spend time with them, doing readings and talking tarot and life (thanks to Anna and Carla for their support, as some of the workshops were pretty intense).

Another high point of the Conference, for me, was meeting Lisa Frideborg-Lloyd, of Tarotize, Tarotized Quotes, Love Dove Tarot, and Seer Pathways.  I used to be friends with Lisa on Facebook before she got annoyed with the platform and left, and we both quite regularly read each other's blogs.  So, it was wonderful to finally meet Lisa, who is a beautiful soul, and all the more delightful as it was a complete surprise :D

Tiffany Crossara (right)
There were other people I had met before and/or knew through TABI, and it was fabulous to meet them, too.  These weren't suprises, like Lisa, which made it no less wonderful to see and talk with these delightful folk: a big shout-out to Mary Collins, Sue/Seraphina, Robert Dagnall, Arielle, and Judith.  I also met some people I had no previous knowledge of, who proved to be interesting, insightful, and fun.  As you can tell, the socialising was as important, in many ways, as the speakers ;)

On Saturday morning we started off with Tiffany Crossara embodying the Fool, and encouraging us to do the same, tapping into our intuition, and mingling with everyone.  She brought a great sense of fun and liveliness to the proceedings, and definitely got our energy flowing for the day.

Juliet Sharman-Burke
Next up was Juliet Sharman-Burke, another tarot luminary, exploring the Hermit, IX, given this was the Ninth UK Tarot Conference.  She took us through the history of this Major, different variants and associated myths, as well as the psychological strengths and challenges it provides.  We finished off with a reading exploring the card, which was very insightful.

Over the lunch break, Alfred Douglas gave a talk, which I didn't attend, but which many said was very good.  Caitlin Matthews also showed slides of the soon-to-be-released "Steampunk: Gods of the Machine" Tarot, which you will certainly see featured here after it comes out ;)

After lunch, Cilla Conway took us to meet our shadow self.  This was an incredibly powerful workshop, where we looked at all the "dark" cards of the deck, as well as trying to explore the shadow side of normally "benign" cards.  For me, this really highlighted the difference between shadow aspects and reversals, and I hope to do a few posts on the subject over the coming weeks.  I'll admit I got rather emotional during some of the readings and the visualisation, so I completely forgot to take any pictures of Cilla *doh*

Finally, a last workshop with Rachel Pollack, looking at the four books she has had published in the last year, and what we can learn from them in terms of wisdom readings, oracles, spreads, and the importance of kabbalistic imagery in the RWS, as well as seeing our regular decks with new eyes.

Altogether, this was an amazing experience, and I am so grateful that I was able to attend.


  1. I'm glad you took photos, I forgot the memory card in my camera (plus in my excitement, I forgot it was even in my bag, not that I'd have been able to use it anyway).

    You were spot on with your Lenormand reading for sure. I think it applied to all of us to some extent!

    I am knackered but also still very keyed up. It was a great day!

    1. Well, I managed to forget to take photos of Kim, Alfred Douglas, Caitlin Matthews, or any "group" shots. Plus I had to do a fair bit of cropping of my less than stellar photos. But at least I got some visual momentos of the day :)

      Yes, I think it was quite a deep experience for most people - exhausting but amazing :)


  2. I spent the entire train journey and then another hour at home poring over the Silicon Dawn tarot and book. It is a complete a**kicker--I can tell already! Very much looking forward to trying it out.

    You know, I think Wheel of the Year is a good enough companion deck for my Book of Shadows: As Above deck. Thanks for bringing your book for me to have a look at!

    1. I agree, the Silicon Dawn is pretty amazing. Perhaps it's time I dug it out again...

      Glad that the Wheel of the Year LWB fills in the gaps, if any, in your understanding of the Book of Shadows: As Above deck. And if you have any questions, you know where I am :)

  3. Chloe, did Cilia Conway do her lecture with her Intuitive Tarot? I'd have loved to have been there for that - her deck really intrigues me.

    1. Hi Deanne,

      Cilla used a couple of images from her deck, though not exclusively. She also used images from a whole range of other decks, from Marseilles-style decks to Barbara Moore's Steampunk Tarot ;D Altogether, it was a fascinating workshop!

  4. sounds like an awesome and enlightening time :]

    1. It was amazing! I'm still hoping to get to the Reader's Studio one of these years, but this was pretty amazing, and right on my doorstep :D