Friday, 5 October 2012

White Knight

©P & J House
For our last day with the Tarot House deck, another Knight rides into view.

This time, we meet the Knight of Wands.  He rides a pure white stallion, and wears armour that looks almost white, though I think it is silver.  His helm has an open face, with just a nose bridge as protection.  The dual colours of his shield and feathers are yellow and red, like twin flames, and he has a red saddle blanket, too.  The road he follows is almost black, and the land to either side is a bright green in contrast, with small yellow flowers sprinkled about.  This Knight has fine blond hair, and looks slightly to the left.

Altogether, he strikes me as quite unusual for the Knight of Wands.  Not quite colourful and dramatic enough, somehow.  Though I like those flaming feathers on his helm, and the fact that his helm is fairly open - he's a straight-talker, after all.

Today, I'm hoping to finish up the first part of a project I've been working on for most of the week.  I've been feeling pretty fired up and passionate about it, and just need a push to complete it before the weekend...

I am grateful for dynamic enthusiasm and a good night's sleep.

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