Saturday, 3 November 2012

A Touch of Magic

©Carmen Waterman
This week I will be drawing from the Rainbow Travellers Tarot (Carmen Waterman, 2012).  This is a self-published, digital deck that has only been out a short while.  Not all of the cards are strictly traditional, but it does generally follow RWS ideas.

For this first draw we meet the Magician.  He sits in a high-ceilinged stone room, behind a large wooden table.  He wears a deep blue robe with red and pale blue trim and a red jewelled medal.  The red is also echoed in the curtains which frame the window behind him, looking out onto a beautiful landscape and dramatic sky.  The tools of the four elements are by him - a cup, candle and sword on the table, along with what seems like an incense burner.  There are other elemental objects around him, too: a glowing wand just behind him, books on a shelf on the wall, and also an inverted pentacle.

What first strikes me, though, is the fact that he is indoors, in what seems like a small study.  The energy channelling he does is very controlled, well thought-out.  He isn't one for grand gestures, just the calm application of his will and knowledge.  The inverted pentacle, though, suggests that he may sometimes act from a place of selfishness, directing energy rather than being guided by spirit.

The message I get from this card is that I need to take some time, and maybe do a reading, to check that I am on the right path.  It's all well and good making things happen, but what if they are not the things you should be doing...

I am grateful for the guidance of spirit.


  1. There are many schools of thought that would say whatever it is you're doing is what you 'should' be doing. Eckhart Tolle says, 'Your purpose in life is to do what you are doing. Until you get up and do something else. Then that becomes your purpose.' The point being, I believe, is to be present in the moment. All the forward planning and thinking sweeps one away from one's present experience.

    Maybe the card is telling you to go take a long bubble bath and experience that with all of your senses. The Magician takes the above and makes it into the 'so below', right? Well, how about taking the 'so below' and making yourself some spiritual healing today?

    1. Hmm, that's a toughie, for me. I agree that in the short term, we can only be right where we are, doing what we're doing. And in the long term, everything we choose to do affects how we develop as a person, and so was important for our learning. Yet, there is still that point where we make a decision, or re-make it by continuing on with something. So, making a choice, to change or stay on the same path, is also what we "should" do... but we still have to make it somehow, and continually reassess, whether consciously or unconsciously.

      Anyhow, I did a little reading, made a little change....

      And no bubble bath, but I did spend half an hour chanting and meditating ;)

    2. Of course, I agree with you. But I also believe we don't have to be thinking all the time. I'm glad you did some chanting and meditating, that sounds wonderful! :) x

    3. It was lovely, and I managed to nap afterwards, which I couldn't seem to do yesterday, despite being exhausted. A reminder of the importance of meditation! :)

  2. Wow thank you so much for using the Rainbow Travellers deck and I am really thoughtful of the message the card gave to you. You see it is almost like the message you shared was one I needed to hear.
    I get the whole "but is it what I really should be doing." Mostly because in the excitement of sharing my new tarot deck and finding a such an amazing connection doing tarot readings for others that I have allowed myself to over extend what I can really accomplish.

    While I may have all the things I need to manifest what my life is calling me to do right now, I do have limited energy. My fibromyalgia will rear it's ugly head if I don't pay attention. So the reminder to connect with spirit and be sure the commitments I make are reasonable is an important lesson for me.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom and I'm glad you took some time for chanting and meditation.


    1. Hi Carmen,

      Isn't it fabulous that your cards can inspire me to write something that is meaningful to you - a beautiful cycle of inspiration!

      Glad to hear you'll take care of yourself - you don't want a setback to remind you to take things easy :)