Tuesday, 6 November 2012

And So The Wheel Turns

©Carmen Waterman
On this Wednesday morning in November, the card to add a bit of colour to the day is the Wheel from the Rainbow Travellers Tarot (2012).

I see the woman pulling back on what look to be the hands of a clock, and wonder if she is trying to turn back time!  That would seem like a pointless battle against the nature of life, which is change and movement.  As it did on Sunday, when this card appeared in my weekly reflective reading, this card brings up Cher's song "Turn Back Time". 

The two elements together remind me of the agency we have in the meanderings of destiny.  We can't control everything, and we can't go back to change things.  Nor should we regret what has been.  However, we can use what has happened to remind us to live mindfully, in the present.  To go with the flow of life, but also to do our best to help that flow run smoothly. 

I shall be trying to help the flow by making more calls to our local borough about the problems with Big Boy! :(  Still, I also have the delight of attending Caitlín Matthews' webinar on the Petit Lenormand - if you miss this one, you can still buy the recording later, and there's a second part next week!  That right there is good fortune :)

I am grateful for both the exciting and stressful nature of life.  The stressful, if not overwhelming, helps me appreciate the exciting more!


  1. I hope you get some joy from the borough regarding Big Boy. You seem to live a cooperative part of the world, I'm sure it will work out.

    1. Well, I got an email from his teacher last night saying the head of the Borough's Special Educational Needs department had already been in touch with her, so she thinks it'll be dealt with quickly. Still, I'm not sure if in "bureaucratic speak" quickly is a week rather than a month...