Friday, 9 November 2012

Balanced Choices

©Carmen Waterman
And so we come to the very end of our week with the Rainbow Travellers Tarot (2012).  I've really enjoyed this uplifting, playful deck :)

The last card I've drawn is the Two of Pentacles.  Here, a woman stands with her back to us, a torch raised in her right hand.  In front of her are two pentacle-etched doors, a brown one to the left and a blue one to the right.  She seems to be tending more to the right-hand door, but there's a way yet to go before she has to make her final choice.  Above her, two birds fly, and the sky shows a crescent moon as well as bright stars sparkling.

It's interesting, because I normally see the Two of Pentacles as being more about balance and different aspects of life than about choices.  Still, it's true that when we try to find an equilibrium between home and work, family and friends, food and exercise, or whatever else it might be, we are having to prioritise and make decisions. 

Today, the balance I need to find is between friends and work.  Things have been quite stressful this week with the issue around Big Boy's travel to school.  That now seems to finally be resolved, but I've spent quite a lot of time on it that I needed to be working.  So today I'm faced with the fact that I'm supposed to meet up with a friend, but I also have rather a lot of work pending... Choices, choices :/

I am grateful that balance is an ever-changing flow.

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