Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Emotional Healing

©Carmen Waterman
Ooh, two Healers/Queens in a row from the Rainbow Travellers Tarot (2012)!  Hmm, seems like a lot of healing going on...

Today's offering is the Healer of Cups.  She has a bit of an Angelina Jolie look going on, from pouty lips to thick, glossy brown hair, and an amazing figure shown off by a skimpy, midriff top and what look like harem pants.  She also has an amazing blue headdress over her forehead, some flower clips in her braided hair, and fishnet armlets.  She holds a cup in her left hand, while her right hand is raised to touch the top of her chest where an elaborate necklace rests, as though saying, "I mean it from my heart."  Behind her is an ornate, pillared gazebo, or maybe something like a confessional, as it seems to be indoors.

She radiates beauty and grace, yet seems very much focused on someone else out of the view the card gives us.  She offers them her cup with heartfelt generosity, sharing her gift of emotional healing.

I don't feel particularly in need of emotional healing today.  What I do notice is the need to stay calm and speak from my heart, with empathy.  There was trouble with Big Boy's school bus yesterday, and I need to call and make sure the same problem doesn't happen again, without being rude about it.  My Dear One was fuming, and is definitely not the one to make the call.  Writing that, I realise part of my task is to help him deal with his emotions.  He gets so upset and angry when people don't acknowledge Big Boy's needs appropriately, afraid for him, I guess...

I am grateful to be able to offer loving understanding to my Dear One.

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