Friday, 16 November 2012

Emotional Maturity

©Cori & Bartha
What a lovely card to end our week with the Sirian Starseed Tarot (North Atlantic Books, 2012)!

A smiling old man sits cross-legged in a sandstone chamber that reminds me of ancient egyptian monuments.  He wears a white turban, a blue shirt and trousers, and has a grey scarf draped around his neck.  Light enters through a high-up window, the rays of sunshine splitting to pour down on the man, and on the cups before him.  Nine huge chalices form a V in front of the man.  Each one looks like it much be close to half a metre tall!  They have golden bases, and seem silvery, reflecting light in a pattern that starts at white and moves up to a bluish colour at the rim. 

This card makes me think of Indian gurus who are always smiling, always happy.  They have learned enough not to take life, or themselves, too seriously.  And though they have experienced a lot, they are still open to the delight of each new day.  Emotional maturity, that's what I see.

Today I head home, so I see the joy of reunion with my loved ones here.  Although I've only been gone a couple of days, I always miss them.  Although a lot of our home life is pretty routine, that doesn't mean it can't be emotionally fulfilling.

I am grateful for homecomings.