Monday, 26 November 2012

Grandma's Favourite Spread

This is a spread I discovered in Elisabeth Drabeck's second volume of "Die Magischen Karten nach Mlle Lenormand" (Mlle Lenormand's Magical Cards) (Books on Demand, 2007).  I loved its simplicity, and wanted to try it out.  Then, my Gilded Reverie Lenormand (Ciro Marchetti, 2012) arrived - perfect!

Gilded Reverie Lenormand
1) What has time?  3 Ship

There's no rush to be going anywhere, planning a journey, or thinking about travel.  To me, this speaks of the fact that I had hoped to fly again in the New Year.  However, Big Boy's continuing issues make that seem less and less likely :(  Still, travel, and airplanes in particular, are not the only way to explore the world...

2) What is urgent?  18 Dog

Making time for friends matters right now.  They may not always be around (some friends are moving abroad in the New Year) or available (others are having a new baby, and we all know how much time that takes up).  So, a recommendation to enjoy friends now!  And maybe a comment on the value of loyalty, too :)

Gilded Reverie Lenormand
3) What surprises?  21 Mountain

Some unexpected obstacles on the way, it seems :(  However, with the Mountain there is always the suggestion that, though it may be a long process, we can overcome any barriers in our way.  Or else find a different route, a way around them - a bit of "out of the box" thinking may be called for!

4) What delights?  33 Key

Perhaps a clever solution to the problems from the previous card, or just a support for the idea that success will come, even if it takes longer than hoped.  Unlocking some puzzle, succeeding at something challenging, is a good feeling, that's for sure.

Gilded Reverie Lenormand
5) The next step...  38 Bridge

This is one of the extra cards which Ciro created and which I, as a non-traditionalist, was happy to leave in my deck, even for this first reading.  In the companion pdf book, Ciro talks of bridging the gap, crossing the distance between ourselves and something or someone else.  That takes me right back to the Dog card, and the suggestion to reach out to friends while I can.

6) How it may end - 3 cards: 4 House, 29 Woman, 24 Heart

Here I see myself enjoying house and home, friends and family, over the holiday period.  Home is definitely where the heart is ;)  There is something here, too, about stability providing a space for passion to be expressed...


  1. Great post, Chloë!

    I like this deck. Even though there's something almost cheesy about Ciro's work I can't help but love it. He really does put a lot into his work and there's a certain emotionalism that I adore.

    Excellent and I hope the mountain obstacles or delays are all for the best.


    1. Hi MM,

      I've always loved Ciro's work, the colours and light and intricacy! I'm loving seeing that in a non-tarot format that is still structured - his Oracle of Visions is stunning, but more work to interpret as there is no guiding structure.

      And I really liked this spread, too. Some people say you can't read Lenormand cards individually, but I'm not sure where that idea comes from. All the books I have about it in German (ten, at last count) at least sometimes do just that!

      Anyway, as you say, obstacles and delays are often learning experiences ;)

      Hope you've had a good start to the week.

  2. lovely reading. think i'm going to have to get this one. always a fan of Ciro's work...

    good luck with those obstacles :]

    1. I think these cards are absolutely gorgeous! You won't regret it :) They're a little larger than regular Lenormand cards, but as you can see I just managed to fit 3 onto the scanner in regular, upright format.

  3. Thanks for sharing the spread Chloe! It seems especially useful at this time of the year... what with all the stresses and strains that come with the run up to Christmas. I'm going to give it a whirl later this evening as a way of reflecting on where I am, and on what needs to be done before Yule :)

    I enjoyed your interpretation of the mountain card, and how fabulous to draw the key card after that!

    1. Hi Sharon,

      Yes, this spread appealed to me as soon as I saw it. I think it could be used with any kind of tarot or oracle deck, too. Will look forward to seeing what you make of it :)

  4. I like this spread! Just going to copy it down in my little spread notebook. :) Ciro's work has never appealed to me, but it's great you got your deck yesterday! I'm still waiting for my Faeries Tarot. Maybe it will turn up today. :)

    1. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)