Friday, 2 November 2012


©Kipling West
Wow, another week over, and Halloween celebrated and done for another year.  Happy New Year, if that's the way you count time :)  Anyhow, what it also means is that today is our last day with the Halloween Tarot (U.S. Games, 1997). 

A werewolf howls at the moon, a huge golden orb that dominates the sky.  The werewolf's clothes are ripped from his transformation, and he has grasped the spiked metal railing so hard it has bent.  A skull on the next post along looks up in concern, while the pumpkin behind him looks rather shocked.  A dog down by his feet, though, looks on with curiosity and perhaps a bit of longing, while the ever-present black cat seems more distrustful, defensive even.  In the tree beyond there is a sign for crayfish, with an arrow pointing in the direction of the distant castle on the hill.

I love tales of werewolves!  There is something so primal in them, the call of the wild, a oneness with nature, but also the lack of control: abandoning civilised behaviour despite yourself.  The cat is a very civilised creature, and thoroughly disapproves of all this.  Yet, our tame dog self is awed at the idea of just going with the moon's pull.  This card, as well as talking of connecting with our primal selves, of dreams and nightmares and the shadow, also talks of the cyclic nature of these things.  This lunacy will not last, though it may be very intense.

I've certainly been having pretty crazy dreams of late, though I think it's largely a matter of remembering them because I am so often woken during a dream cycle.  Big Boy is ill again, has been all week, and so my nights are disturbed.  It echoes in my dreams, too, in terms of content - dreaming of carrying a duvet around, trying to find a place to sleep; of an office with a huge safe that I walk into and am locked in.  I worry, too, about getting sick myself.  Especially as my Dear One is away for the weekend!

I am grateful for naps, however brief.


  1. I love werewolf stories, too, but to me they are always filled with such pathos. The werewolf is a complete victim, and wants nothing more than to rid himself of this curse. It never ends well. So sad! :)

    I loved The Wolf Man (Lon Chaney Jr) when I was kid, and then of course American Werewolf in London became a firm favourite. Don't even talk about poor old Oz in Buffy! Awww

    1. I dunno, there is a fair bit of werewolf literature around where the were embraces their nature and has a community. Of course, it's not all happy or there'd be no plot or need for a book. But they focus more on the benefits, on the sense of community, on the connection with nature...

      Still, yeah, Oz in Buffy, awww :D

    2. You're not talking about those teen books with sparkly vampires in them, are you? ;)

    3. If you mean the Twilight stuff, then no, never read one nor seen any of the films ;)

  2. I have to say that I've really admired the way you've handled everything lately--plus I love how you've been diving into your projects and creativity with such gusto and interest. It is really an admirable thing. I feel very stymied in this area! One thing I recall seeing all the time in art classes as a teacher was students paralyzed by self-censor and low self-esteem when it came to their works. My main job, it seemed, was to help loosen them up and not worry about their creations so much.

    It seems I need to apply this same practice to myself.

    And, as always, I am SO sorry about your crappy sleep and Big Boy being sick. It seems like you never have enough time to recover from the last upset. You really do embody the Tower card in so many ways. But there's also the nurturing and creative sides, too.

    Hope you have a good rest and are able to not get sick. Lots of garlic! Lots of fluids. I'm going to go gargle with salt water because my throat has been sore all week.

    Much Love,

    1. Hi MM,

      Hope your sore throat didn't blossom into anything worse! And yes, you definitely need to apply those practices to yourself. Don't think that just because I'm doing this stuff and enjoying it that I'm not also constantly worried about it - can I really do it, will it work out, should I just give up now and save myself and everyone else the hassle? That stuff is there, but I try not to let it stop me. Fortunately, I have a lot of great people who support me in that ;)

      So, know that you are creative, that you are loved, that you are good enough! And go do something fun, right now... I said right now! ;D

      Lots of love,

  3. The Sandman by Neil Gaiman volume 6 "Fables & Reflections" has a wonderful story called "The Hunt" about werewolves.

    If you like comics....mwuahahaha.

    1. You're going to have to say a bit more than that to tempt me, woley ;)